The Process

1. Preparation

An initial consultation will include a comprehensive assessment of your individual needs and expectations to determine the best approach and treatment plan.

During this consultation you will:

  • undergo a thorough assessment of medical and dental health.
  • receive a detailed explanation of the procedure including costs, treatment options and the expected timings.
  • have x-rays and scans of your teeth to immediately determine the quality and dimensions of bone support available.
  • have clinical photographs and impressions taken of your mouth to allow the Teeth in 3 Days team to make an aesthetic assessment, create study models of your teeth and closely examine your bite.

teeth in 3 days process

2. Procedure

Day 1 – Surgery

Surgery is normally performed as a day procedure in a hospital under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will prepare your jawbone and place the required number of dental implants abutments. Our prosthodontist will also attend and take impressions of these abutments to commence construction of your fixed prosthetic bridge.

Day 2 – First Fitting

The first fitting and initial setup of your new teeth on the fixed dental prosthesis is usually scheduled on the next working day after surgery. Our prosthetist will work with you to ensure correct fitting, size, colour and shape of your teeth. The bridge and crowns are in wax form so they can be adjusted easily.

Day 3 – Final Fitting

On the third and final day, your new high-gloss fixed prosthetic bridge will be permanently attached to the implant abutments and you will be ready to smile and enjoy your new teeth with immediate function and aesthetics.


3. Ongoing Support

The Teeth in 3 Days team at Smile Solutions is dedicated to providing a long-term quality solution for each patient. With this in mind, there is some ongoing maintenance required.

As you are not able to remove your fixed prosthetic bridge yourself, a dental hygienist will need to remove the bridge and clean your implants twice a year. The bridge can also be polished during the appointment. You may require a realignment of your prosthetic bridge every 5 to 7 years as your tissues and bone change.

If you have chosen ceramic teeth on your bridge (see Materials section), the porcelain is likely to need repair or replacement over time.