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General Dentistry

General dentistry at Smile Solutions includes everything from teeth cleaning and general check-ups to root canal therapy, wisdom teeth removal and emergency dentistry.

Dental Cleans and Hygienists

Dental Cleans and Hygienists

Our team of hygienists and dental therapists is integral to our practice. While we should all be brushing and flossing our teeth twice a day, it’s also important to schedule regular appointments for dental check-ups. Oral hygiene is not just about cleaning teeth. Hygienists focus on maintaining optimum gum health and preventing dental conditions such as decay and erosion.

Unless you require specialist dental care, you should be seeing your hygienist every six months to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy. Your hygienist will remove any plaque and calculus from your teeth, and if any problems are found these can be addressed by our other clinicians without delay.

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Emergency Dentistry

generaL dentistry emergency

Smile Solutions has available a large team of practitioners to cater for all your dental needs, including emergency dentistry.

Our friendly dentists understand that accidents happen and they’re equipped to cater for unexpected emergency dental visits. They are skilled at handling all emergency situations such as toothache, chipped or broken teeth, infections, denture repairs, impacted wisdom teeth and more.

Our extended opening hours allow for emergency appointments to be scheduled at short notice.

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Tooth Fillings

general dentistry tooth fillings

A tooth filling is used to fill a hole (cavity). It will correct a deficiency due to decay or wear, or will rehabilitate a chipped tooth. Fillings restore the form, function and integrity of missing tooth structure.

Common causes of cavities include tooth decay (cavities) from bacteria that has gained access to the tooth, enamel loss due to wear and abrasion, crack lines due to either heavy bite or grinding and broken or lost fillings.

If you’re experiencing any signs of a cavity, call Smile Solutions to make a dental appointment as soon as possible.

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CEREC Porcelain Fillings

cerec porcelain fillings

At Smile Solutions we provide single-visit porcelain fillings with CEREC Omnicam 3D and CEREC AC, the world’s leading systems for fabricating all-ceramic fillings in a single visit.

When it’s time to replace your old amalgam silver fillings with a natural-looking alternative, the choice is between traditional composite resin white fillings, which suit smaller cavities, and porcelain. CEREC porcelain fillings are natural looking, strong and biocompatible – the technologically superior restoration.

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

Our rear teeth are known as the third molars, and most people have four of these – two upper and two lower. They are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth, usually emerging between the ages of 16 and 23 – hence the popular term wisdom teeth. But not everyone has wisdom teeth; some people are born without any or with fewer than four.

Most of us have enough room in our mouths for wisdom teeth to erupt normally, in line with our other teeth. In such cases, wisdom teeth function the same as our other molars and will not require any treatment.

These teeth only become impacted when there is insufficient gum space for normal eruption. An impacted wisdom tooth is one that grows out at an angle, or does not fully emerge from the gum line.

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Chipped or Cracked Teeth

general dentistry chipped tooth

Chips or fractures of the teeth can range from minor (when involving only the outer enamel layer) to severe (when involving the outer enamel, inner dentine and even sometimes the nerve tissue).

Chips or cracks that have been sustained as a result of a blow to the mouth or trauma should be assessed by a dentist as soon as possible to check for trauma to surrounding teeth, lips and cheeks. Smile Solutions makes emergency appointments available daily to cater for dental emergencies of this kind.

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Root Canal Treatment


When bacteria invade the canal of the tooth, the body stops blood supply to the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading. In this case, a patient’s only options for treatment are either to extract the tooth or to save it with root canal therapy.

We feel it’s always preferable to save a tooth where possible, rather than extract it. This is because each tooth complements its neighbouring and opposing teeth. To lose one can negatively affect these surrounding teeth. At Smile Solutions, your root canal treatment will be performed by one of our Endodontists (root canal specialists).

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Sports Mouthguards

general dentistry mouthguards

At Smile Solutions, Melbourne’s Home of Dentistry, we take a holistic approach to dentistry. We believe the body is best treated as a whole and any one change can have a wider effect. We take a comprehensive approach to oral care, with our clinicians focusing on prevention to ensure good long-term oral health.

We offer a wide range of treatments using the latest technology, with an emphasis on providing the most tranquil setting for our patients. We’ve created a serene environment for our dental patients, helping them to relax and have a more positive experience.

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