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Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Abnormal wear and tear can sometimes result in a chipped or broken tooth

Chips sustained in any other way should still be assessed by a dentist fairly quickly (within a day or two) so that the underlying cause is treated right away. Left untreated, the chipped tooth may fracture further, cause sensitivity and/or pain or increase the risk of dental caries and ingress of bacteria into the nerve chamber of the tooth.

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chipped or cracked tooth

Common reasons for chipped or cracked teeth include:

chipped or cracked tooth

  • Decay
  • Excessive grinding or clenching of your teeth
  • Failure of an old filling
  • Impact/ trauma
  • Habits such as chewing or biting on pens or fingernails

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Frequently Asked Questions

The symptoms of a cracked tooth can vary according to the size and position of the crack. It is common to experience sensitivity to hot and cold drinks or food, pain on biting into food, or a reaction to sticky, sweet or sour foods. A complete fracture of a portion of the tooth may include all of the above symptoms, plus it may leave a very sharp edge to the remainder of the tooth, which can cut and irritate your gums, cheeks or tongue.

Treatment modalities range from minimally invasive techniques to more complex restorations and are dependent on the size of the chip or fracture, the state of the tooth and the patient’s functional and aesthetic needs and budget.

Small chips confined to enamel can sometimes be simply buffed to smooth the rough edge and prevent trauma to the tongue and protect any undermined enamel from further damage and improve aesthetics. Larger fractures, or those that are highly visible in the front teeth, can be repaired using modern bonding techniques with tooth-coloured materials. With precise colour matching, chipped teeth are restored to their former selves and most patients can’t tell the difference!

For larger chips, a stronger material may be recommended. Clinical studies favour the use of porcelain for filled or capped teeth – this has increased strength, is more aesthetically pleasing and delivers greater long-term survival rates. To fabricate long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing porcelain fillings or caps to bond to fractured back teeth, our Smile Solutions clinicians prefer CAD/CAM CEREC technology. CEREC is a recent innovation in dentistry that allows your dentist to take a 3D scan of the affected tooth, then – while you wait in the chair – to mill a custom-made, extremely strong porcelain filling using our 3D milling machine. The custom made porcelain filling will then be bonded onto your tooth to repair the chip or crack.

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