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Children’s Dentistry

At Smile Solutions we take the privilege of caring for your children’s teeth, along with teaching them about good oral hygiene and preventative dental care very seriously.

First Visit To The Dentist

First Visit to the Dentist

We recommend that you book your child’s first appointment when they are three years old. When your child visits us they will initially be seen by a dental therapist – a clinician who focuses on children’s dentistry and is skilled in helping your child to enjoy their visit.

It’s important for this initial visit to be a positive, educational and happy experience as it will help your child approach the dentist with little or no anxiety in future. To find out more and learn about how you can prepare your child for the dentist, visit our first visit page here.

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Children’s Dental Emergencies

Childrens Dental Emergencies

As you will be well aware, for active children of any age there are numerous situations in which a tooth can be knocked out or chipped. When a child presents with a missing or chipped tooth, a normal reaction is to panic. Fortunately, though, it can be possible to save the tooth if quick action is taken.

Our specialists, dentists and therapists all strive to care for the dental needs of your child as if they were our own.

Our dedicated children’s dentistry team consists of general dentists, hygienists, orthodontists and registered specialist paediatric dentists. To read more about each of them, visit our team page.

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Children’s Orthodontics

Childrens Orthodontics

The first of a child’s adult teeth typically appear at around the age of 9 to 10, and this is also when some developmental problems of the teeth and/or jaws may require attention. At this age, we recommend you book your child for an assessment by a specialist orthodontist. At Smile Solutions we offer the expert advice of any of our six specialist orthodontists.

Treatment for young children is usually aimed at dealing with functional problems that immediately threaten the health of their teeth. Taking a proactive approach may prevent the need for orthodontic treatment later on or may shorten and simplify later treatment. The conditions we usually look for and treat in early childhood are tooth eruption, cross-bites, severe overcrowding, jaw growth problems, snoring and thumb sucking.

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Child Dental Benefit Schedule

Child Dental Benefit Schedule 1

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a dental assistance program for eligible children aged 2 to 17 years. It provides cover of up to $1000 over a two-year period for basic dental services, including examinations, X‐rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals, extractions and partial dentures. Smile Solutions is pleased to treat families eligible for the CDBS.

The rebate is available to children whose families receive relevant Australian Government payments.

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Kids Teeth Cleaning Tips

Childrens Dentistry Kids Teeth Cleaning Tips

Parents are urged to introduce structured at-home oral routines for their children, and there are several ways in which you can make such a regimen enjoyable for yourself and your child. Read our tips for cleaning children’s teeth here.

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Should I Take My Child to a General Dentist or a Specialist Paediatric Dentist?

You can visit a general dentist or dental therapist for your child’s dental check-up appointments. If your child is found to have any dental problems we recommend they see a paediatric dentist.

Paediatric dentists are registered specialists with three to four years’ additional training in children’s dentistry. They focus on the growth, development and treatment of children’s teeth, as well as decay prevention. A large component of paediatric dentistry involves understanding child psychology and establishing trust through child-friendly communication styles and environments, so these clinicians are better equipped to put your child at ease. Our specialist paediatric dentists will look after all of your child’s dental needs.

Read more about paediatric dentistry on our paediatric dentists page.

Why Choose Smile Solutions?

At Smile Solutions for Kids we know how important early experiences at the dentist are in forming your child’s attitude towards dental health. We tailor our services to the needs of children and do all we can to ensure they have a positive experience every time they visit us for their dental appointments.

With the advantage of having dental therapists, hygienists and registered specialists all in the one place, Smile Solutions allows for seamless treatment when your child sees more than one practitioner, from a hygienist to our paediatric dentists or your child’s orthodontist. You won’t have to worry about taking your child from clinic to clinic for different treatments.

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