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Gummy Smile

A “gummy smile”, also known as excessive gingival display, is the term used to describe a smile that reveals a disproportionate amount of gum above the upper teeth

gummy smile

Several treatments are available to reduce the severity of a gummy smile

gummy smile

These include the following, and the choice will depend on your unique case.

Muscle relaxant injectables are a simple way to address a gummy smile. Small injections are administered into the muscles either side of the nose to reduce the pull on the top lip and thus reduce the amount of gum exposed by smiling.

Periodontal surgery, known as a “gum lift”, can be performed in the dental chair in just one appointment by a periodontist (gum specialist). One gum lift technique uses laser to reduce the height of the gums and/or even out an asymmetrical gum line, exposing more tooth structure for a beautiful, full smile.

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