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Paediatric Dentists

We choose to provide children with optimal care from a registered paediatric dentist when it comes to any of your children’s complex dentistry needs.

Should My Child See a Paediatric Dentist or a General Dentist?

It is your choice whether you bring your child to see a specialist paediatric dentist or a general dentist, but in order to make that decision it is important first to understand the difference between the two kinds of clinician. 

Paediatric Dentists

Paediatric dentists have a degree in general dentistry and an additional clinical doctorate.

Paediatric dentists specialise in the management and treatment of the dental needs of babies, toddlers and children. 

Paediatric dentists treat children only and are experienced in treating children who require complex dental procedures as well as general procedures.

General Dentists

General dentists hold a degree in general dentistry. 

While some general dentists may have a special interest in paediatric dentistry, they do not have the same level of experience as specialist paediatric dentists.

General dentists treat patients of all ages with check-ups and general dental procedures.

Dr Janita Shah

Anxiety and Behavioural Problems.

Dr Janita Shah

Your child can be seen by a general dentist or dental therapist for general check-up appointments, and a general dentist can perform any general procedures. However, if a dentist or dental therapist identifies any dental problems that require complex treatment (such as developmental difficulties or paediatric periodontal disease) or if a child presents with behavioural problems (such as a medical, physical or mental disability), the dentist or therapist may recommend your child be seen by a paediatric specialist.

Also, if your child is particularly anxious, it is a good idea to take them to a paediatric dentist, as these clinicians are experienced in creating a calm and child-friendly environment. It is never too early to see a paediatric dentist. You do need a referral to see a paediatric dentist.

Children’s Dentistry

It is important to create good lifelong dental habits from a young age. When your child turns three, you should book them in for their first appointment. We do recommend you introduce them to the process of going to the dentist from a young age by taking them with you when you have your own dental appointment. This will help them become familiar with the environment, and seeing you have regular appointments forms a positive attitude towards dental health and hygiene. 

First Visit

When your child comes in for their first visit and subsequent check-ups, they can be seen by either a dental therapist or a paediatric dentist. Dental therapists are qualified and experienced in treating children. During your child’s first appointment their soft tissues, including tonsils, will be examined. Assessment of lip or tongue-tie will also be performed, and their teeth will be counted, examined and cleaned. 

Visit our children’s dentistry page to learn more. 

Why Choose Smile Solutions?

At Smile Solutions we understand how important it is to lay the foundation for good oral hygiene and dental health habits from a young age. We always strive to make your child’s dental appointments enjoyable and as comfortable as possible, and to provide him or her with a positive experience. 

With dental therapists, general dentists and specialists all in the one location, we are well placed to care for all your child’s dental needs, from their first visit right through to orthodontic treatment if needed. 

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