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Dental Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety associated with visiting the dentist, you are not alone. In fact, dental anxiety is a very common condition.

Dental Anxiety

For those suffering from mild dental anxiety, we recommend the following strategies:

Dental Anxiety
  • Focus on slow and regular breathing during your dental appointment. When we are nervous, we tend to hold your breath, which decreases oxygen levels and can further increase feelings of panic.
  • If the sound of the drill bothers you, you can distract yourself by listening to music via our headphones. To allow you to lose all sense of your surroundings, Smile Solutions has digital screens and DVD players available in many treatment rooms.
  • Avoid caffeine before your appointment as this may elevate your heart rate and potentially contribute to your anxiety.

For those suffering from extreme dental anxiety, we offer two relaxation options:

  • “Happy Gas” provides a mild level of relaxation. It is a safe and common way to relieve anxiety during dental treatment. In the comfort of one of our calming dental suites and under the care of one of our trained dentists, a mix of nitrogen and oxygen is administered though a nosepiece during treatment.
  • There is a range of medications that are administrated orally which are a common and easy way to relax your nerves before a dental procedure. These medications can be prescribed by one of our experienced clinicians in advance of any dental procedure.

Be sure to express your anxiety to your dentist, specialist or hygienist, as well as the Smile Solutions reception team when making your appointment. Knowing your concerns will help us to adapt treatment to your needs and to administer or prescribe medication if needed. Call 13 13 96 to make your dental appointment.

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