Considering having root canal treatment? You must watch this video!


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If you are considering having root canal treatment, this is a must see video!

Please be sure to watch the entire video as there is so much to learn. 

Jerry: Morning Angela.
Angela: Hi Jerry we missed you yesterday are you okay?
Jerry: Not really I spent the day at home with a bad toothache.
Angela: Oh dear, have you seen anyone about it?
Jerry: Yes I have, Last week I saw my dentist. She told me the tooth should be extracted and I should have a tooth implant.
Angela: That sounds drastic, isn’t there another way?
Jerry: I’m not sure I’d really like to keep my tooth but my dentist isn’t confident it can be saved.
Angela: Man so many of my friends are having teeth pulled instead of thinking about the options I get a bit worked up about this. I mean sure these days dental implants seem very high-tech and I’ve heard they have a good success rate but it’s always preferable to keep your own teeth if possible wouldn’t root canal treatment be the way to go?
Jerry: My dentist isn’t in favor of root canal treatment because she says the tooths already been root filled before.
Angela: Well are you going to get a second opinion? Perhaps I should recently, I had a bad abscess and I had it treated by what’s known as an Endodontist.
Jerry: Oh
Angela: Sounds scary I know but it’s not. Endodontists are root canal specialists, mine explained that they can do straightforward root treatments or they can retreat root canal therapy that’s failed. He said they can also seal up internal cracks or repair perforations in roots remove old posts and fractured files and do minor root surgery.
Jerry: Wow, That’s impressive.  So they are true experts!
Angela: Indeed, it’s what they do all day every working day and sometimes they can even save a tooth that you’d think would be beyond saving my Endodontists saved my tooth even though. It was badly broken down since then I have had a new crown fitted and it feels like a new tooth again.
Jerry: Well maybe I should see if it’s worth trying to save my toothe. Will I need a referral to see your Endodontist?
Angela: No, you wont. It’s not like seeing a medical specialist. I’ll give you his number, just pull him and explain your situation and wait till you see his giant microscope. It’s as big as a fridge and it lets him see clearly inside the minut canals of your dental roots.
Jerry: Cool thanks Angela. I’m almost looking forward to it. I might have even asked my dentist to send my x-rays over to your root canal specialist. Oh by the way, do you know if it will cost a lot to have root canal treatment?
Angela: I believe in most cases it costs less than an implant. The Endodontist will give you a cost estimate when he talks with you about your prospects for saving the tooth and how successful it should be then you will be able to weight up all your options before you decide.
Jerry: Excellent, I suppose it can’t hurt to get a second opinion and be fully informed. I’m really glad I bumped into you today Angela. Thanks so much for your advice.
Angela: My pleasure, see you then Jerry and let me know how you go.

You can come in for a consultation if you’re unsure whether or not root canal treatment is for you. One of our friendly Endodontist can talk you through different options and assess which might be the most suitable option for you.

Contact us on 13 13 96 to book your consultation.

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