Do you want to know how much Invisalign cost in Australia? You must watch this video!


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You must see this video to know how much Invisalign cost in Australia!

Please be sure to watch the entire video as there is so much information about Invisalign costing.

Jerry: Hi Angela, maybe you can help me my teenage daughter needs her teeth straightened and is begging me to let her have Invisalign rather than traditional braces. I understand all orthodontic treatment can be expensive so I am wondering what you know about the cost
Angela: Well Jerry, firstly I can give you the good news. Most dental practitioners allow you to pay off the bill over the course of treatment some even don’t expect an initial deposit so if you are going to pay for the treatment over say 18 to 24 months you should plan to spend around 300 to 350 dollars per month to pay it off.
Jerry: That is really good news, it certainly makes the payments more manageable. What else do I need to know?
Angela: The most important consideration is whether to take your daughter to a specialist or a general dentist. Specialist in the field of braces are called Orthodontists they have done on average 3 to 4 years of formal postgraduate training in order to register as a specialist orthodontist as a rule you would expect to pay more to receive their expert care.
Jerry: That’s fair enough and how can I find out if any dental practitioner with a general or specialist is experienced specifically in Invisalign treatment as distinct from conventional braces?
Angela: Invisalign Australia has its own website (, You will find two groups of providers listed on a site Platinum providers refers to all practitioners with experience in Invisalign treatment the second category platinum elite providers details those practitioners who are the most experienced in the
Jerry: Ok, Now if I’m limited by my budget, Can I trust an experienced general dentist to treat my daughter with Invisalign?
Angela: Absolutely general dentists especially experienced ones can provide Invisalign but remember the more challenging the case the more strongly advised you are to consult a specialist orthodontist before embarking on such a course of treatment, for example a patient might have overcrowded teeth complications with their bite or their own particular high expectations of the treatment.
Jerry: Do I need a referral to see an orthodontist and will it cost a lot to get their opinion?
Angela: No, A referral isn’t necessary and your daughter’s scans x-rays and dental records can be transferred from your existing dentist so there is no doubling up of costs. Some orthodontists will also give you a consultation that’s free or charged at a nominal fee. It’s worth asking how much when you call to make an appointment and don’t forget if you have any doubts about the specialist registration of an orthodontist, just check them up on the APRA website.
Jerry: TYhat’s great advice Angela, Thank you.
You can come in for a consultation if you’re unsure whether or not Invisalign treatment is for you. One of our friendly orthodontist can talk you through different options and assess which might be the most suitable option for you.

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