Teeth Whitening Video

Teeth Whitening Video Video Transcription

“Cosmetic dentistry has changed a great deal in the last decade. More and more people are whitening their teeth with simple and safe methods, I recently caught up with Dr Kat to discuss the most popular current methods of teeth whitening.

Interviewer: How are you Kat?

Dr Kat Marhfour: Good, thank you.

Interviewer: So tell me what options are there for me if I wanted to have my teeth whitened?

Dr Kat Marhfour: Well at Smile Solutions, we have been doing whitening for over 20 years, using the take home system. We see great results in 10 to 14 days, with our day white whitening system using a mild bleaching gel. Home whitening with custom fitted trays worn over your teeth for 30 minutes each day still remains one of the most popular whitening options for patients.

Interviewer: And tell me a bit about the process.

Dr Kat Marhfour: To get started we take impressions of your teeth to make trays. We then provide you with instructions on how to use them safely and more effectively. Under our supervision this technique is totally safe for your teeth and gums, and results are generally achieved within several days.

Interviewer: Are there any options for me if I want to have my teeth whitened immediately, without the hassle of wearing the trays at home?

Dr Kat Marhfour: Many of our patients opt to do in chair whitening procedures, which enables us to do whitening for them within an hour. We use 2 of the most recognised whitening systems in the world, namely Brite Smile and Zoom! Advanced Power. You can just lie back and relax in tranquil surroundings and listen to music or watch a DVD, while having your teeth whitened by 6 to 8 shades in your lunch break. With Brite Smile the gentle hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is activated by the special patented blue spectrum light.

Interviewer: And will whitening remove all the marks on my teeth?

Dr Kat Marhfour: Not entirely, there are certain stains or marks in the tooth enamel that whitening products cannot change. In these cases the most aesthetically pleasing results may be porcelain veneers.”