Is soda water bad for your teeth?


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Is soda water bad for your teethSoda water, otherwise known as carbonated water, is often perceived as a healthy alternative to soft drink. However, the potential adverse effects on your teeth are significant.

The carbonation process in soda water produces acids, which can have an impact on your teeth. With a pH of around 3, soda water is significantly more acidic than the critical pH of your tooth’s enamel, which is around 5.5. The critical pH of dental enamel is the maximum acidity threshold that a tooth can withstand before minerals are lost from the enamel.

Hence, exposure to acidic environments caused by drinking soda water weakens the tooth structure, causing the outer enamel layer to erode. This dental erosion very often causes sensitivity, particularly when eating or drinking cold or sweet foods and drinks.

Furthermore, if your soda water is flavoured, or if you are mixing something sweet, such as cordial, with it, it’s not only dental erosion and sensitivity that you’re at risk of; these additions very often have high levels of sugar, increasing your risk of dental decay.

Dental erosion is very common and can be challenging to manage, so it’s always my recommendation to prevent it where possible. My suggestions are to drink soda water only in moderation, with a preference for still water, and to ensure that you use fluoridated toothpaste when brushing to replenish minerals that have been lost from the enamel. It’s also important to have regular dental checks so that any signs of erosion can be identified and addressed early.

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