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Smile Solutions In-House Laboratory

Our Smile Solutions’ in-house Dental Laboratory is exclusively dedicated to serving our patients, and do not work with any other businesses. Our team of Ceramists, Dental Technicians and Dental Prosthetists leverage our advanced technology and collaborate closely with our dentists and specialists to deliver superior appliances, prosthodontics products, and meticulously handcrafted porcelain veneers and crowns. By focusing solely on servicing Smile Solutions they can ensure they are dedicating all their efforts to providing the highest level of personalised care for our patients.


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Quality Materials & Superior Technology

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Master Ceramist

Meet the creator of your new smile

Master Ceramist

During your initial appointment, and throughout your treatment journey, you will have the opportunity to meet and consult with our master ceramist who will craft your new smile. No faceless person, off-site, or overseas providers, our ceramists work on-site, in their dedicated bespoke ceramic studio, and will work with you each step of the way.

Porcelain Veneers

Quick turnaround without compromising quality

Porcelain Veneers

We don’t offer prefabricated, cookie-cutter smiles. Our superior technology including iTero scanners, 3Shape Trios scanners and fleet of 3D printers allow our work to be compressed to a one-day turn around. Our bespoke, small-scale operation at our in-house ceramic studio gives our team of master ceramists the ability to devote their day specifically to creating your new smile.

Your mock-up starts with a digital reveal on a large screen with our master ceramist. Then your cosmetic dentist fabricates a physical mock-up on your teeth made from a temporary resin over the top of your natural teeth. This way you can preview your smile makeover! The process is completely reversible causing no harm to any of your natural teeth.

We pride ourselves on offering the advanced multi-layering technique for porcelain veneers. This method involves meticulously applying several thin layers of porcelain to craft veneers that closely mimic the natural enamel and dentin of your teeth. The attention to intricate details, such as translucency, colour, and texture, ensures that your veneers blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, providing a beautifully natural and long-lasting smile. You can trust our team to deliver exceptional aesthetic results with the highest level of precision and care.

Mock-up Reveal
At Smile Solutions you can preview your smile makeover before committing to any treatment. This starts with a digital reveal on a large screen with our master ceramist. Then your cosmetic dentist fabricates a physical mock-up on your teeth made from a temporary resin over the top of your natural teeth. The process is completely reversible causing no harm to any of your natural teeth. With a mock-up reveal, patients can:

  • View and feel the proposed changes of teeth shape, size, length, position and colour.
  • Preview their options such as how many veneers and whether a gum lift will prove beneficial, allowing you to be fully informed in their treatment options.
  • Meet our in-house Master Ceramist and experienced cosmetic dentist to ensure they completely comfortable with the creators of your new smile.

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The Erkopress is an advanced vacuum forming machine used in dentistry to create high-quality custom dental appliances, such as retainers, mouthguards, and bleaching trays. It offers precise and consistent pressure for accurate, well-fitted appliances that ensure better comfort and effectiveness for patients. Its efficiency reduces production time, making it a valuable tool for both our clinicians and patients.

Asiga Max

Asiga 3D printer

The Asiga Max is a compact and versatile 3D printer designed for dental applications, using DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology for high-precision prints. It allows users to choose from a wide range of materials for various applications, enhancing flexibility and cost-efficiency. DLP works by using a digital projector to flash a single image of each layer, curing the resin with light for fast and detailed prints.

Asiga Pro Max 4K UV 3D

Asiga Pro Max 4K UV 3D

The Asiga Pro Max 4K UV 3D printer is a high-resolution 3D printing device designed for dental and medical applications, featuring a 4K UV LED light source for precise and detailed prints. It is highly regarded for its exceptional accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly interface, making it ideal for producing high-quality dental models and appliances.

Otoflash Flash Curing Device

The Otoflash Flash Curing Device is a sophisticated piece of equipment used in our Smile Solutions dental lab for the fast and efficient curing of dental materials, particularly those used in the fabrication of prosthetic restorations like crowns, bridges, and veneers. Using advanced light-curing technology, the Otoflash emits intense light to cure resin-based materials quickly and effectively, ensuring optimal durability. Its precise control settings and customisable features make it a versatile tool for dental technicians, enabling them to achieve consistent results while reducing processing times.

Dentaurum Laser Welder

At Smile Solutions, our dental technicians have access to the Dentaurum Laser Welder, a sophisticated welding device used in the making of metal frameworks for dentures and orthodontic appliances. It uses laser technology to generate a concentrated beam of energy, which melts and fuses metal surfaces together with exceptional accuracy and control. This welding process results in strong, durable joints without the need for additional adjustments, ensuring high-quality appliances.

Arum 5 Axis wetdry milling machines

Arum 5-Axis wet/dry milling machines are advanced devices used for precise cutting and shaping of dental materials. Their benefits include high accuracy, versatility in handling various materials, and the ability to perform both wet and dry milling for optimal results.

E4 Lab Scanner

The E4 Lab Scanner at Smile Solutions is renowned for its advanced capabilities in generating highly accurate digital impressions for dental restorations. Its efficient workflow and precise detailing ensure superior fit and aesthetics, enhancing both patient satisfaction and treatment efficiency.

Exo Cad

Exocad for dental implants is an innovative software solution that simplifies the process of designing and creating implant restorations. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Exocad allows clinicians to plan and visualise implant placement with precision, customise prosthetic components, and streamline workflow efficiency. Exocad facilitates accurate treatment planning and more predictable outcomes.

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