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People-managing the “social media generation”

“By its very nature, social media trains users to make rapid, almost instantaneous decisions. In an instant, the individual decides whether they “like” or “dislike” a post. Apps demand that a definitive decision be made instantly, without thought or consideration of extenuating factors…”

July/August 2023

Making Hay While the Sun Shines – The Downside

May/June 2023

The Great Resignation in the Health Sector

March/April 2023

Practice Architecture Articles & Videos

Fighting decay

Tessa Hewson covers Smile Solutions, a new dental clinic in the Manchester Unity Building in an unlikely oasis in the city.

March 2015

Manchester Unity, all lit up again

Robin Grow reports on the 80th birthday celebrations of a classic Neo-gothic Melbourne icon, the Manchester Unity Building.

Spring 2012

Manchester Unity Building

Built in 1932 as a beacon of hope during the depression, Melbourne’s gothic, art deco mastepiece has been painstakingly restored to its former glory by dentist Dr Kia Pajouhesh.

June 2012

Smile Solutions Videos

Life at Smile Solutions

Life at Smile Solutions

We provide the full spectrum of dental services – general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and specialist care. No matter what dental treatment you seek, rest assured you will receive personalised care from our team of hygienists, dentists and specialists. At Smile Solutions we ensure that we have the best people, using the best technology in the best location.

8 August 2022

SAME DAY PORCELAIN VENEERS™︎ Smile Makeover Giveaway Winner

SAME DAY PORCELAIN VENEERS™︎ Smile Makeover Giveaway Winner

Introducing the WINNER of our $20,000 SAME DAY PORCELAIN VENEERS™︎︎ Smile Makeover, Steele!

12 January 2023

Dental Rescue Program at Smile Solutions

Dental Rescue Program at Smile Solutions

Smile Solutions partnered with the Australian Dental Health Foundation in assisting asylum seekers to receive much needed dental care. Eight Smile Solutions dentists as well as their nursing teams, donated their time to this wonderful cause to treat patients who had not been able to visit the dentist for up to 10 years due to being in detention.

5 October 2022

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