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Porcelain Veneers & Crowns Price Match Offer



Price match offer applies to any written quote from a list of equivalent quality dental practices with porcelain veneers & crowns treatment carried out in Australia by board-registered practitioners and locally manufactured ceramic products. One promo code per person.

Hand Crafted Porcelain Veneers & Crowns

Employing science and artistry – the most beautiful porcelain veneers & crowns hand crafted and expertly fitted to your teeth by our team of experienced cosmetic dentists, all at Australia’s largest cosmetic dental practice.

Smile Solutions is proud to offer all their patients bespoke, artisan made porcelain veneers & crowns by our team of experienced cosmetic dentists and master ceramist working in our on-site, in-house ceramic studio.

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The best clinicians, using the best technology, in the best environment

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Smile Solutions is Australia’s largest and most experienced cosmetic dental practice, having completed over 43,000 veneers and crowns and counting! Your journey will be managed by our very best team of cosmetic dentists, all of whom have access to the most superior technology available, to ensure every patient receives the highest level of treatment and achieves the best results.

You can sit back and relax in our beautiful and emotionally serene practice and spacious dental suites, while you gaze across some of the most spectacular views of Melbourne without a worry in the world.

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Preview your smile makeover before committing to any treatment

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At Smile Solutions we provide a reversible preview of a smile makeover through a physical mock-up using temporary resin applied over your natural teeth. This unique approach allows you to feel and visualise the proposed changes in shape, size, length, position, and colour. It also helps you understand your various options, including the number of veneers required and the potential benefits of a gum lift. Through this process, we ensure that you are well-informed about the available treatment options.

To experience a mock-up reveal for yourself, get started with a Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation. 

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Individually, artisan made porcelain veneers

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Our in-house, small scale ceramic studio is here only to service our patients. Our Ceramists do not work with any other businesses beyond Smile Solutions, allowing them to dedicate all their time to creating the very best work for our own patients.

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Meet the creator of your new smile

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During your initial appointment, and throughout your treatment journey, you will have the opportunity to meet and consult with our master ceramist who will craft your new smile. No faceless person, off-site, or overseas providers, our ceramists work on-site, in their dedicated bespoke ceramic studio, and will work with you each step of the way.

Meet our Master Ceramist

Quick turnaround without compromising quality

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We don’t offer prefabricated, cookie-cutter smiles. Our superior technology including iTero scanners, 3Shape Trios scanners and fleet of 3D printers allows our work to be compressed to a one-day turn around. Our bespoke, small-scale operation at our in-house ceramic studio gives our team of master ceramists the ability to devote their time specifically to creating your new smile.

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Crafting a smile as unique as you


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Download our Pricelist

The price list is a guide only and is subject to change. The final cost will be determined by the complexity of the problem, treatment time required, material used, number of surfaces or teeth involved and a range of other factors.

For a personalised and accurate quote, we would love to help you book an appointment with a dentist. Call us on (03) 7037 9586, or book an appointment online via the BOOK NOW tab (select ‘Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation’ appointment type).

What is the process?

Step 1

Your smile journey begins with a complimentary cosmetic consultation with our treatment coordinator and one of our experienced cosmetic dentists.

During this consultation, your clinician will assess the way you smile, bite and speak, as well as discuss what your dream smile looks like. They will discuss the available treatment options to achieve both aesthetic and functional results, and present you with a personalised treatment plan that includes the associated costs and payment plan options.

Step 2

Should you choose to proceed with your treatment, digital scans will be taken and sent over to our Master Ceramist and his team at our on-site ceramic studio.

During this appointment you will have the opportunity to customise and discuss your smile design with your clinician and ceramist. Most importantly, your treating clinical will assess and address the general health of your teeth with a comprehensive examination and clean prior to the commencement of any cosmetic treatment, to ensure the best outcome.

Step 3

Once your smile design is complete, our cosmetic dentists will insert your temporary veneers, allowing you to see how they will look.

You will have the opportunity to provide input on the shape, colour and any other characteristics of your new smile, before our Ceramist starts working on your final veneers. Our in-house studio is here only to service our patients. Our Ceramists do not work with any other businesses, allowing them to dedicate all their time to creating the very best work for our patients.

Step 4

Our team of ceramists carefully handcraft your bespoke Porcelain Veneers from the finest quality porcelain in our in-house ceramics studio.

We don’t offer prefabricated, cookie-cutter smiles. Once your final veneers are made, your temporary veneers will be removed and you will try in your final veneers. You will have another opportunity to make any final adjustments, and once you are happy, your final porcelain veneers will be permanently and expertly bonded to your teeth.

Up to 40 months no deposit interest free payment plans available

Smile Solutions offers up to 40 months no deposit, interest free payment plans for all your general, cosmetic and specialist dental treatment.

Our payment plans allows patients to pay off their treatment in easy fortnightly instalments, with a low establishment fee and a simple application process.

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Fortnightly repayments
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Calculations are based on repayments with Humm. At the time you make a purchase which is, or is to be, financed under this contract, you must pay us an initial payment (“first instalment”) inclusive of a $70 Establishment Fee (for 6, 12, 18 and 24 month plans only) and a Plan Management Fee of $8 for the instalment onto your nominated credit/debit card on which you set up your plan. A Plan Management Fee of $8 per month is applicable for for all treatment plans excluding 2.5 month plans (this is paid only once, regardless of how many concurrent contracts you have with Humm). Plan management fee is in addition to the fortnightly instalments. This does not warrant that the payment plan fees indicated in this calculator will be correct as at the day of your treatment and payment plan set up. Available to approved patients for all general, cosmetic and specialist dental care including orthodontics.

Technologically advanced practice

Smile Solutions is always pioneering new technologies and processes to provide to our patients. All our clinicians have access to the most superior technology available to ensure every patient receives the highest level of treatment and achieves the best results.

This including Dental Monitoring, iTero scanners, 3Shape Trios digital scanners, Digital Radiographs & CT scans, a fleet of CEREC machines and intraoral scanners, as well as an in-house dental laboratory equipment and bespoke ceramic studio equip with 3D printers.

Over 30 years of award winning service

Our portfolio of awards have cemented our dental practice as a pioneer and leader in Australia’s health industry across service excellence, innovation and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Veneers are thin shells permanently bonded to the surfaces of teeth to improve their position, shape and shade, as well the overall aesthetics of a person’s smile. They are made of either composite resin or high-strength porcelain. Dental veneers are a cosmetic solution to a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Aged veneers needing replacement
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Broken, crooked or badly chipped or worn teeth
  • Permanently stained or discoloured teeth

Veneers are a very durable option to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth.  The average lifespan of dental veneers ranges from 10 years up to 25 years, though it can be less if decay is allowed to develop. Ceramic veneers are not easily broken but they can chip or fracture if subjected to trauma or other structural overload, just as unrestored teeth can. And just like natural tooth enamel, a veneer can still wear or become damaged if subjected to the destructive forces of a grinding or clenching habit.

Veneers should maintain their appearance indefinitely, although it might be desirable to replace them when, over time, gums have receded and the margins of the veneers have become visible at the gum edge, possibly with accumulated staining.

It’s rare for a veneer to become detached, but it can happen if the veneer fails to bond to the tooth due to insufficient dental enamel, suggesting that a crown may have been a more suitable choice in the first place; or, less commonly, due to an error in materials handling or performance.

Porcelain (or ceramic) veneers are fabricated facings bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth. They are highly durable and resistant to staining and chipping. Porcelain veneers are excellent for moderate to major changes in tooth shape and texture and can be made to resemble the look of a natural tooth very closely. This type of veneer is usually manufactured by a technician in a dental laboratory and fitted by your dentist.

Composite resin (or “plastic”) veneers can be applied to the front teeth to make small to moderate changes in shape. They are useful to reshape teeth after orthodontic work, to repair small fractures or to close gaps between teeth. The material used is tooth coloured and moderately durable. These veneers can be made and fitted during one visit to your dentist, being manufactured in-house without the involvement of a laboratory.

Your choice may be determined by your preferred treatment process, your short-term budget and your desired outcome.

The treatment process for composite resin veneers is one of direct bonding to your teeth, also known as dental bonding. (This is the same method that’s used to place a composite filling.) One of the advantages of composite veneers is that they require only one visit to the dentist. Another benefit is that composite is a cheaper option than porcelain in the shorter term.

However, a disadvantage of composite veneers is they are not as strong as the alternative – being slightly porous, they must be maintained more regularly than porcelain and are rarely permanent. They can also lose their lustre after a while, so they need to be polished; and they can discolour, needing to be replaced. These ongoing treatments add to the cost factor in the longer term.

The advantages of porcelain veneers is that they are more natural looking, are more durable and need less maintenance than composite as they don’t change colour or lose their shine. This makes them cost effective in the long term.

On the other hand, porcelain veneers, as mentioned, are manufactured either chair-side or in a laboratory after your initial consultation, and are then placed by your dentist on a second visit.

It’s important to understand that the cost of any dental treatment can vary between patients, depending on the complexity of the procedure, and who performs the treatment. No two mouths are the same, and so dentists will not necessarily be able to give you an exact cost until they have thoroughly examined your teeth.

Although veneers might be considered expensive, with porcelain veneers costing more than composite veneers, patients are usually very satisfied with the results and admit that the benefits, such as improved aesthetics and (in the case of porcelain) a stronger material far outweigh the cost. There are a few different costs involved with veneers, from the X-rays to the process of bonding the veneers and the cost of the material itself.

Your dental practitioner will advise you of any special care requirements for your new restorations, as well as any follow-up appointments that may be necessary to check your progress.

Keeping up a good dental hygiene routine, including brushing and flossing, combined with a scale and clean with your dental hygienist is very important. While the porcelain (or composite) that makes up your veneers cannot decay, the underlying teeth still can, and the teeth are vulnerable wherever they are exposed (at the back and sometimes the sides) and also where they connect with the veneers themselves. One of the benefits of dental veneers is they can protect the underlying teeth against decay. Providing you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and use fluoride mouthwash regularly, dental veneers have been shown to resist decay.

Are you considering porcelain veneers?

If you are interested in understanding how to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, our complimentary Design Your Smile consultation has been designed with you in mind. You will meet with our highly experienced treatment coordinator and experienced cosmetic dentists to discuss the options available to you based on your individual expectations and budget.

By visualising how your final smile will actually look within this complimentary consultation, you will be well placed to make the right treatment decision.

Are you ready to build your dream smile? Contact us now on 13 13 96 to book your complimentary Design Your Smile consult.

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