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As a registered dental nurse doubling as the Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy, I often leave my “home” in the tower of the Manchester Unity Building to lead a free educational initiative aimed at reducing the number of Australian children suffering from preventable dental disease. 

Assisted by Boris the Tooth Dragon, I make public appearances and attend early learning centres and schools throughout Melbourne, where I encourage children to care for their teeth and gums by demonstrating correct brushing of teeth and leading children in fun activities and games.

The Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy has teamed up with Clown Doctors, an Australian charity that supports and delivers the health benefits of humour in sick children’s recovery. The Tooth Fairy has made several visits to hospitals under this partnership.

tooth fairy home

I also have my own website,, which children are encouraged to visit. Here they can meet me, learn about their first visit to the dentist, and find out about how to care for their teeth and gums while playing fun and entertaining child-friendly games. It also contains a section where parents can download a customised letter from me to their child when they are about to lose a tooth.

We’ve also set up Tooth Fairy hotline that is exclusive to Smile Solutions patients. When a child loses a tooth, they can speak with me. Parents are invited to call 13 13 96 so one of our friendly consultants can guide them through our quick and easy hotline registration process.

Schools wanting to join the fight against dental disease in Australian children can call 13 13 96 or visit the Tooth Fairy website to be placed on the waiting list for one of our visits.

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