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Implant dentures: Smile Solutions’ Teeth in 3 Days procedure

Smile Solutions has paved the way for a revolutionary alternative to missing teeth and dentures.

implant dentures smile solutions teeth 3 days procedure

Thanks to the close collaboration of our registered oral & maxillofacial surgeons Dr Patrishia Bordbar and Dr Ricky Kumar, our specialist periodontists Dr Rory Nolan and Dr James van den Berg and our specialist prosthodontist Dr Jamie Foong, we can offer patients teeth implants that span a full arch in just three days, all within the one location.

Traditionally, dental implants and single implant-supported dentures require three to six months’ healing time before they can be loaded to achieve oral function. By contrast, Smile Solutions’ Teeth in 3 Days procedure allows multiple implants to be loaded almost immediately, without jeopardising their success rates. By distributing the load over four to six implants, stability of the dental implants is achieved across the rigid prosthetic bridge.

This is made possible largely by recent developments in medical and dental technologies. At Smile Solutions we use a 3D I-cat scanner – being the first dental practice in Melbourne to offer this technology – to immediately determine the quality and dimensions of bone support available for teeth implants.

What are the advantages?

Full-arch implant dentures have various benefits over traditional dentures, including improved ability to eat, better taste and sense of texture of food as the palate is exposed, greater comfort, improved speech and, ultimately, a more aesthetically pleasing look.

What does the procedure involve?

Providing you are a suitable candidate, as determined by a thorough medical and dental assessment, the Teeth in 3 Days procedure is a routine one. First, the dental implants are put in place. This part normally takes place under general anaesthetic in a hospital as day surgery (that is, you will not be admitted).

The surgeon prepares your jawbone and places your implants, then one of our prosthodontists takes impressions of the implants to begin construction of your fixed bridge(s). Usually the next day after surgery, our prosthodontist and dental prosthetist will see you in our specialist centre on Level 12 of the Manchester Unity Building and will check the fit and initial setup of the new teeth on the fixed bridge.

On Day 3, you are ready to smile and enjoy your new teeth, having just had a high-strength, high-gloss acrylic bridge attached permanently to your implants.

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