Should my child wear a mouthguard?


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Child MouthguardIf you want to ensure your child’s teeth are protected while playing sports it’s advisable they wear a well-fitted mouthguard.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends all parents include mouthguards on the list of ‘must have’ items to keep in their child’s sports bags.

“Many kids understand the need to wear a mouth protection for winter sports such as football and hockey but many people don’t consider them for summer sports” says Dr Karin Alexander, President of the Australian Dental Association.

“Children who do not wear a custom-fitted mouthguard while playing sport are at risk for damaged and dislodged teeth, broken jaws and cut lips, causing painful, expensive and disfiguring dental injuries.

“Playing sports such as basketball or cricket carry just as much risk of injury to the mouth or face, so dentists recommend wearing a mouthguard during training and game time.”

The ADA recommends wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard that is properly fitted by a dentist, to ensure maximum protection against dental and facial injuries.

The ADA does not recommend over-the-counter or ‘boil and bite’ mouthguards as they offer little or no protection to your teeth and mouth.

For further information on why protecting your mouth with a custom-fitted mouthguard is so important click here.

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