Trusted and Experienced Registered Specialists in Various Dental Fields

Smile Solutions is unique in having multiple registered specialists in various faculties working in one cohesive team in a single location.


Advances in dental technology, together with the increasing requirement for practitioners to update and extend their knowledge through post-graduate study, have created an opportunity for multiple practitioners who are specialised in their own fields to work closely together to bring you comprehensive specialist care.

At Smile Solutions our Dental Board–registered specialists and general dentists offer you complete patient care, addressing your complex dental needs in areas such as adult orthodontics, dental implants, dental rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry.


Our team comprises 19 registered specialists; 37 general dentists, each with unique skills and post-graduate training; and 25 dental hygienists/therapists.

Our registered specialists include oral & maxillofacial surgeons, periodontistsorthodontists, endodontists, prosthodontists and paediatric dentists caring for you in one first-class location. Peer review and comprehensive treatment planning are therefore an integral part of our practice methodology; and this takes place in our facilities at the Smile Solutions Institute on Level 11 of our premises.