A Smile is Not Just a Row of Teeth

The teeth need to be in harmony with the lip line and face.

Smile Solutions’ experienced general cosmetic dentists:

work in conjunction with our specialist prosthodontists:

and our dental prosthetist:

to provide you with all the latest options to achieve your ideal smile.


Conventional cosmetic dentistry focuses on two main areas:

  • porcelain veneers or all ceramic crowns carried out by a specialist prosthodontist or a highly skilled dentist in the field of cosmetic dentistry, and a master dental ceramist with a keen eye and attention to detail
  • one-hour teeth whitening procedures by Phillips Zoom Whitening.

In the new age of cosmetic enhancement, procedures may include a variety of specialised fields, including:

  • internal braces or Invisalign® to reposition misaligned teeth prior to conventional cosmetic dentistry procedures
  • laser gum lifts to create a harmonious gum line as a backdrop to your smile
  • Cerec one-visit ‘porcelain’ restorations on back teeth to replace unsightly dark silver fillings often visible in the corners of your mouth
  • a hygiene program with a skilled hygienist to improve your general gum health to better show off your improved teeth
  • dental implants to fill gaps or replace inadequate fixed bridges or removable partial dentures.

To help you choose the right treatment, we can show you Before and After images of cosmetic dentistry performed for other Smile Solutions clients. For porcelain veneers and gum lifts, a resin mock-up allows you to visualise the treatment and discuss it with your dentist. A separate “dress rehearsal” appointment also helps us to provide you with truly beautiful results that will last for years to come.