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Dr Casey Edgar

Dr Casey Edgar

Dr Casey Edgar

General Dentist Qualifications – BBiomed, DDS (dist) (Melb)

Casey Edgar grew up in Melbourne and completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne in 2010. She then went on to complete a Doctor of Dental Surgery, graduating with distinction in 2014.

Dr Edgar spent four years working in private dental practice in the north-western suburbs of Melbourne before joining Smile Solutions. She is interested in all aspects of restorative and preventative dentistry, focusing on helping her patients understand their dental problems and fulfilling their general dental needs. She particularly enjoys working with the team at Smile Solutions to offer her patients comprehensive care.

Casey values keeping up to date with new developments and advances in the dental field. She has also completed volunteer work within the Rebuilding Smiles program of the Australian Dental Health Foundation.

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Dr Casey Edgar
Dr Casey Edgar

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