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Improve your smile with teeth whitening to celebrate World Smile Day 2017

World Smile Day is the first Friday of October (this year Friday 6th October) and what better way to prepare than to get your smile looking its best. We have a lot of patients who come in for teeth whitening treatment, as it is the quickest, and least invasive, way to improve the look of your teeth.

world smile day 2017

With a large team of general dentists housed in the one place, Smile Solutions makes it easy for patients to come in and get their teeth whitened at a time that suits them. We offer two types of teeth whitening treatments, an in-chair procedure and a take home kit. Prior to getting your teeth whitened, we do recommend you have your teeth checked by a dentist to make sure there are no existing problems that could hinder the teeth whitening treatment; this allows your dentist to assess whether teeth whitening is suitable for you.

Our in-chair teeth whitening procedure, Zoom, takes just one hour in the dental chair. It gives patients immediate improvement in the colour  of teeth. This is a great option for patients wanting instant results.

Our at-home teeth whitening kit contains a close fitting custom-made tray and a user-friendly lower-concentration whitening gel. This teeth whitening option allows patients the convenience of whitening their teeth from home, using either a day or night system.

To make the effects of an in-chair treatment last longer, some of our patients choose to follow it up with the at-home whitening kit. Also, to help ensure your teeth whitening treatment is effective, we recommend having your teeth cleaned prior to having whitening treatment to remove any build up of plaque.

We have a teeth whitening centre, which is open on Saturdays with dedicated chairs for teeth whitening procedures, making it easier to come in for an appointment.

So to get your teeth nice and white, ready for World Smile Day, call our team on 13 13 96 to book your teeth whitening appointment.

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