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How will my cracked tooth be treated?

will cracked tooth treated

Cracked teeth are a problem that many dentists deal with on a daily basis. Here at Smile Solutions we can advise you on how to avoid a cracked tooth or, should you have already had the misfortune, we can treat your cracked tooth with a favourable outcome.

Why did my tooth crack?

There are many reasons why a tooth may crack. Some of these include:

  • failure of an old filling
  • excessive grinding or clenching of your teeth, usually at night-time
  • chewing on very hard foods
  • decay in a tooth
  • impact
  • habits such as chewing or biting on pens or pencils.

Often it is not just one reason but a combination of causes that may cause a tooth to crack.

What will I feel if my tooth has cracked?

The symptoms of a cracked tooth can vary according to the size and position of the crack. It is common to experience sensitivity to hot and cold drinks or food, pain on biting into food, or a reaction to sticky, sweet or sour foods. A complete fracture of a portion of the tooth may include all of the above symptoms, plus it may leave a very sharp edge to the remainder of the tooth, which can cut and irritate your gums, cheeks or tongue.

What treatment can I have for my cracked tooth?

The treatment available for a cracked tooth depends on the size and severity of the crack. A small crack or a small failed filling may treated with simple bonding. This process involves bonding a resin material to the surfaces of the fissure left by the crack or damaged filling, with the material matched to your own natural tooth colour. A larger crack will need more extensive treatment. In cases where there is not enough tooth left to place a bonded resin filling, we may have to place a porcelain filling or cap; these are far stronger than resin fillings, are more lifelike and have a longer lifespan.

At Smile Solutions our dentists are trained in CEREC technology. CEREC is a very recent innovation in dentistry that allows your dentist to take a 3D scan of the affected tooth, then – while you wait in the chair – to mill a custom-made, extremely strong porcelain filling using our 3D milling machine. That will then be bonded onto your tooth to repair the crack.

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