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What impact does wine have on my teeth?

impact wine teeth

A recent study, published in the Australian Dental Journal, has revealed the impact of wine on teeth and the fact that drinking wine can cause damage to teeth within minutes.

University of Adelaide researchers simulated the exposure to wine acid normally experienced by professional tasters and discovered just 10 one-minute episodes of wine tasting are enough to cause erosion of tooth enamel, otherwise known as acid wear.

“The affected teeth become vulnerable to mechanical wear just within a few minutes of acid exposure,” says Dr Sarbin Ranjitkar, from the university’s School of Dentistry.

It’s acidic in nature and contains organic acids, including tartaric, maleic, lactic and citric acids.

While professional wine tasters are obviously more at risk given the very nature of their job, habitual drinkers should also consider the impact their nightly glass of vino is having on their own teeth.

With this type of drink, the teeth are likely to be much softer, so try taking alternate sips of water, avoid brushing your teeth within an hour of consuming and always ensure you brush with a soft bristled toothbrush.

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