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I want to improve my smile, but I don’t know where to start. What should I do?

Being fully informed about your cosmetic dental options is key when making decisions regarding your dental wants, health and goals to obtain your dream smile. Meeting an experienced dental professional to explain the options and solutions in detail, eliminates the feeling of being overwhelmed about dental procedures, fees and what’s involved. Dentistry is actually very easy to execute, however it’s the planning of improving ones’ smile and having a blueprint for success set in place first, that is of most importance. 

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At Smile Solutions patients can book in for the Design Your Smile experience to start planning their new smile. At this consultation patients are presented with the information needed to firstly be made aware of their options in addressing their goals and then also discuss procedures, investment fee and options for payment in detail. Patients are also introduced to the right dentist to carry out these intricate and sometimes multilayered treatment plans. 

Just like building a house, an architect and a builder are required. Dentists are both of these and can design your new smile, while at the same time, possess the skillset to execute your design into fruition. Your planning phase will start with a 3D digital scan of one’s teeth, along with possible radiographs and photographs in order to collate all the relevant measurements to design the new smile. A week later the design is presented digitally as well in some scenarios, can be tried in the mouth temporarily. As a patient seeing a design and having the discussion with the dentist will give the patient an opportunity to make any changes, be guided by the dentist and also really be involved in the design process. This is when patients can comfortably feel at ease that they are making the right decision due to seeing the design first hand and don’t feel they are going into something blind. 

Whether it be the alignment, colour or shape of teeth that is of concern, correct planning can correct, improve, camouflage and restore teeth to create dream smiles for any patient. For a fuss free and easy way to understand what’s involved make a Design Your Smile appointment with our staff today.

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