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How to protect your aligners and your smile

To protect your smile and your aligners, here’s all you need to know about eating and drinking with Invisalign.

Some Foods and Drinks Can Discolor Teeth and Dental Aligners. Even with good oral health, your mouth is home to billions of bacteria. These bacteria feed on sugars and starchy carbohydrates found in foods and drinks. It’s this activity that causes increased acidity and plaque which then leads to cavities. 

The worst foods and drinks for oral health are those that are rich in sugars. Sodas, energy drinks, and sports drinks. These are the drinks most likely to lead to cavities and tooth decay without frequent brushing and flossing.

Always remove aligners before eating or drinking

Even drinks that aren’t rich in sugar can cause damage to your teeth. Coffee, tea, and other dark-colored drinks (such as some fruit juices) can stain your teeth over time. Pasta sauce, curry sauce, blackberries, cherries, and blueberries can also lead to staining.

While it’s OK to consume any type of food or drink in moderation, you should never do so while wearing Invisalign. Some foods can discolor the aligners. Sugars can become trapped between teeth and the aligners, leading to increased risk of tooth decay.

Always Remove Your Aligners Before Eating.

Invisalign aligners should be worn between 20 and 22 hours of each day for effective straightening. This can make your meal and drink times challenging. You will need to remove your aligners and place them in their case during meals and when drinking beverages like tea and coffee. It can be tempting to leave your aligners in for snacks and small meals, this should be avoided whenever possible.

Drink Only Water When Wearing Invisalign. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Water is also the only drink that you should consume without removing your Invisalign aligners. Unlike other drinks, water won’t cause staining and there are no sugars found in plain bottled water or tap water.

Rinse Your Mouth with Water If Eating and Drinking Away from Home.

Sometimes it might not be practical to remove your aligners before a quick snack or when drinking a beverage. Make sure that you rinse your mouth and the aligners in clean water as soon as possible. This will help to flush food debris and sugars away, helping to protect your teeth while preventing damage to your custom-formed aligners.

Invisalign covers your teeth completely, creating the ideal environment for bacteria, acid, and plaque. This needs to be offset with a strict flossing and brushing routine. Floss at least once every day to remove debris and plaque that your toothbrush misses. Brush twice per day and use fluoride toothpaste for extra protection against cavities.

Your dental professional will cover all of your immediate questions and concerns regarding Invisalign aligners.

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