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What are my options if I want to change the shape of my teeth?

change shape of teeth

Whether it is subtle improvements or major changes that you’re after, several options are available to you if you want your dentist to reshape your teeth.

Simple odontoplasty/recontouring

If only minor shape changes are needed, we can remove small amounts of enamel to achieve the desired result. This procedure is known as odontoplasty, which basically means tooth contouring, and it works best for changes such as rounding off corners or smoothing out uneven edges. It is also effective in removing surface defects such as minor pitting.


To achieve a more significant change in tooth shape, your dentist can place veneers. These are wafer-thin facings, made either with composite resin or with high-strength porcelain. They are firmly bonded to the surface of your teeth.

Composite resin (or ‘plastic’) veneers can be applied to the front teeth to make small to moderate shape changes. The material is tooth coloured and moderately durable (although porous, so rarely permanent) and the veneers can be made and fitted during one visit to your dentist. Composite resin veneers are useful to reshape teeth after orthodontic work, repair small fractures or close gaps between teeth).

Porcelain (or ceramic) veneers are lab-fabricated facings that are designed to be bonded to the front surface of the teeth. These veneers are highly durable and resistant to staining and chipping. As the lab is involved, porcelain veneers typically take two separate appointments – to be prepared for manufacture and then fitted, respectively. Porcelain veneers are excellent for moderate to major changes in tooth shape and texture.


For major shape changes, dental crowns are the solution. Crowns are fabricated tooth-shaped coverings that encase the prepared tooth and allow the dentist and the patient to dictate the new shape of the entire tooth.

Ultimately, the most appropriate choice for you will be determined by the degree of reshaping required, as well as your desired outcome.

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