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Smile Solutions Technology

Smiles Solutions prides itself on being one of Australia’s most technologically sophisticated dental clinics. We use only the latest equipment, of world-class quality, ensuring all our clinicians and staff deliver optimal care to our patients via the most advanced methods.

Each item of equipment used at Smile Solutions is designed to produce a particular outcome for you, our patients and if you’re interested in understanding some of the equipment you will see on your visit, we describe those outcomes here.



PrepStart Air Abrasion

Pre-treating the surface of a tooth with air abrasion allows for optimal placement of fillings, crowns or bridges. Studies indicate it can give the restoration greater ‘staying power’.


Smile Solutions clinicians use a range of lasers suited to soft and hard tissue treatments ranging from gum conditions to removal of decay.

KaVo Prophyflex

The Prophyflex is the ultimate piece of equipment for fast and pain-free removal of plaque and stubborn stains.


DentalVibe and Oraqix

We use the latest techniques to minimise pain when administering anaesthesia to teeth and gums. DentalVibe is an automated computer system that controls the administration of anaesthetic and significantly reduces discomfort. Oraqix is an injection-free alternative providing rapid numbing. It is often used on patients with sensitive gums for a comfortable dental clean.

Inhalation Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

Nitrous oxide (happy gas), when administered by trained clinicians, is an effective way to reduce anxiety in nervous patients during a procedure.

Sleep dentistry (also known as sedation dentistry) is a comfortable way for anxious patients to receive dental treatment. Our registered specialist anaesthetist administers a sedative combined with a pain-relieving medicine, thereby inducing a drowsy, dream-like state. Attendance of the anaesthetist throughout the procedure allows for monitoring of vital signs using hospital-grade equipment and qualifies you for a Medicare rebate.



In-House Laboratory

Smile Solutions’ onsite dental technician works closely with our clinicians to give patients the best prosthodontics support in the shortest timeframe. For complex requirements and ceramic work, we commission Melbourne’s top dental laboratories to access the best materials and workmanship for the individual needs of each patient.

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) CAD/CAM System

CEREC CAD/CAM is a state-of-the-art chair-side system that manufactures and places all ceramic veneers, onlays, inlays, crowns and bridges placed in a single appointment. With Cerec technology there is no need for messy impressions and weeks of waiting for manufacturing. Your ceramic work will be prepared while you read a book or magazine, then fitted precisely to your tooth or teeth.

Planmeca ProMax 2D S3 with One Shot Lateral Cephalogram

Smile Solutions has the latest and most precise two-dimensional digital imaging onsite. The Planmeca 2D produces the highest quality clinical images during your appointment which is particularly convenient for orthodontic patients who require images for treatment planning. It is equipped with a ‘child mode’, which ensures the safest X-rays for your child, and with a one-shot function the X-ray can be taken in just one image – ideal for children (and adults!) who have trouble sitting still.

Planmeca ProMax 3D Max

The Planmeca ProMax 3D Max is the latest and most detailed three-dimensional imaging available in dentistry. This technology can utilise three different image types. Using the Planmeca ProMax 3D Max software, we can superimpose these images to create an unrivalled 3D image of the highest quality, showing the smallest detail to enable the most precise treatment planning.


Smile Solutions is proud to offer additional 3D scanning technology in the form of the Galileos. With excellent quality resolution, the Galileos is both quick and safe to use, thanks to the relatively short scan time.

Sirona inLab MC X5 Milling Machine

Our five-axis milling machine boasts the most advanced, precise technology for the construction of complex prosthodontics work such as veneers, crowns and implant fixtures. With its ability to change tools as required and work overnight, it ensures efficient manufacturing and construction of prosthodontics work for a superior dental outcome with a superb finish and an individualised fit.

CEREC Omnicam

The CEREC Omnicam scanner allows for quick and accurate scans of your mouth, replacing messy impressions for moulds. The scanner is linked directly to the CEREC machine to streamline the process of fabricating personalised prosthodontic work while you relax in the chair.

iTero Scanner and ClinCheck

Mouthfuls of impression material in the orthodontic chair are a thing of the past. The iTero Intraoral scanner is a ‘chair-side’ system for creating virtual impressions of your teeth which are then transmitted digitally to dental labs for the manufacture of orthodontics and restorations. The scanner is a valuable diagnostic and treatment tool for enhancing accuracy of records, treatment efficiency and your overall patient experience.

ClinCheck is the latest Invisalign software. It allows your iTero scan to be transformed into a movie, showing you not only how your treatment will progress but also – excitingly – an image of your new smile post-Invisalign treatment.


AcceleDent is a mouthpiece used in conjunction with Invisalign to reduce treatment duration by up to 50%. Worn for just 20 minutes per day, the mouthpiece transmits micro pulses throughout your Invisalign aligners and accelerates the movement of teeth. AcceleDent is approved by both the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and the FDA.

BeeFill 2in1

The BeeFill 2in1 is the latest in root canal filling placement. Warm filling material is rapidly dispensed into the canals of the tooth where it hardens into a dense, cohesive filling. This technology increases the speed of the procedure while producing a filling of the highest quality.

MTwo and ProTaper Rotary Endodontic Systems with Dentsply X-Smart Endodontic Motor

Using the Dentsply X-Smart Endodontic Motor, the MTwo and ProTaper nickel-titanium rotary systems offer the latest technology in cleaning and shaping during root canal treatment. Studies indicate, rotary systems generate superior outcomes and fewer procedural errors than traditional slower methods of stainless steel hand filing.


Isodry is an excellent alternative to traditional suction. Automated to ensure maximum comfort for patients, this technology allows fillings to be placed under ideal conditions to ensure quality and longevity.


In-Chair Whitening

You can have a brilliant, bright white smile in less than two hours. With over 20 years of whitening experience, Smile Solutions is the home of in-chair teeth whitening. We offer Philips Zoom and BriteSmile systems which are administered and monitored by a qualified dentist or hygienist with the use of safe, TGA-approved light-activated gel and LED light.

In-Home Whitening

Smile Solutions exclusively uses Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite products for home use. With daily application of a gel in custom made trays, you will have brighter, whiter teeth within two weeks. You can whiten your teeth at home either while you sleep (using the NiteWhite system) or for half an hour per day (using Day White).


Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic technology used to straighten teeth without traditional metal braces. A series of clear, almost invisible aligners are individually designed and manufactured to align your teeth over time. As Australia’s largest provider of Invisalign by Dental Board–registered orthodontists, Smile Solutions has been accredited with Black Diamond provider status – reflecting our experience and expertise in Invisalign.

Digital Extra-oral Cameras

The latest digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras enable clinicians to take high-quality photographs for treatment planning of cosmetic cases. These images form part of patients’ medical record while also serving as an excellent visual aid.



The DIAGNOcam utilises digital imaging fibre-optic trans-illumination (DIFOTI) to assist in detecting decay and cracks in teeth. Used in conjunction with dental radiographs and a general examination, the DIAGNOcam allows clinicians to diagnose with evidence and show you pictures of decay or cracks during your appointment.


The KaVo DIAGNOdent enables decay to be detected with laser fluorescence technology. In addition to a visual examination and radiographs, the DIAGNOdent aids decay detection in areas difficult to examine.

Surgical Endodontic Microscope

Our specialist endodontists utilise the Carl Zeiss OPMI PROergo surgical microscope to gain up to twenty times magnification. This improves the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and enables unsurpassed visualisation of the inside of root canals, helping to boost the success rate of endodontic treatment.

Carestream Intraoral Camera

Carestream is an intraoral camera offering you a clear and detailed visual of your teeth and gums. These cameras act as a communication tool, allowing your dentist to show you visual evidence of a range of dental conditions such as plaque build-up, decay and cracks as well as restorative work such as fillings and crowns.


Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

Smile Solutions offers digital radiographs to ensure safer, lower radiation than from conventional X-rays. These radiographs offer the convenience of high-quality images that can be displayed on a computer screen for patient reference.


Upholding government standards of sterilisation is imperative in dentistry to prevent the spread of infection. Smile Solutions boasts 8 Mocom sterilisers, 5 Statim handpiece sterilisers and 4 ultrasonic cleaners, giving our patients the peace of mind from having all equipment continuously sterilised to professional standards.


iPads for Children

We understand children require a little extra entertainment when they visit the dentist, so we offer iPads uploaded with a variety of movies and games for your child’s amusement.

Televisions and Music

Televisions and music are available in all our dental suites for your comfort. Relax to music or enjoy watching a movie while your dental treatment is completed.

Marine Aquarium

Our bespoke saltwater fish tank located on Level 1 is a special feature at Smile Solutions. Home to 15 types of fish and crustaceans and ten species of live coral it has its own circulation and water purification system.


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