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The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Teeth Whitening

dos donts home teeth whitening

Are your teeth starting to appear a little on the yellow side? As we age, tooth discolouration naturally occurs, and if you’re a keen coffee or red wine drinker, or regularly smoke, these can further exacerbate the problem.

With over 20 years’ experience in teeth whitening, Smile Solutions are experts in helping patients achieve a whiter and brighter smile.

One option available at Smile Solutions is our at home teeth whitening system – a self-application home whitening method utilising a safe, mild gel worn in custom-made trays for a period of 10-14 days.

You can whiten your teeth comfortably at home either while you sleep by using our Night White System or for half an hour per day by using our Day White System.

It’s a straightforward, simple method of home teeth whitening, and the results are very worthwhile. We supply you with enough whitening gel for your initial application and a number of subsequent maintenance applications.

If you’ve opted for this method of home teeth whitening, there are certain dos and don’ts you should adhere to.


  • Keep in mind you may experience some transient and reversible tooth sensitivity during and after the whitening. This is managed through the frequent use of Sensodyne toothpaste and Relief gel, or mild analgesic medication in the form of Panadol or Nurofen.
  • Know that some patients may also experience increased sensitivity in their gums, tongue, lips or throat. If any of these symptoms occur and are more than mild, discontinue treatment until your next dental visit. The symptoms always subside within one to three days after stopping the treatment.
  • You may notice a bubbling effect of the Day or Night White gel within your trays while wearing them; this is normal and part of the bleaching process.
  • Also bear in mind the area of the tooth closest to the gums may take longer to lighten than the biting edge. It will also remain the darkest part of the tooth.
  • Try to avoid tobacco, coffee, tea, colas and red wine as these substances may re-stain the teeth.
  • Also avoid citrus fruit and juices because they can cause teeth sensitivity. These items change the acidity of your saliva and may cause irritation.
  • Continue good oral hygiene throughout the treatment and between dental visits.
  • Store any remaining Day White gel in a cool, dry place for later use when the whitening process is complete.


  • Please do not try to eat, drink or smoke while you are wearing your bleaching trays.
  • Definitely do not use any household or other whitening products to whiten your teeth.
  • Please do not use the Day White treatment if you are pregnant or lactating.

Please call one of our friendly reception staff should you have any questions about your home teeth whitening treatment or to make an appointment to discuss teeth whitening with one of our dentists.

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