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It goes without saying that we all desire a healthy smile, but if your teeth are more yellow than pearly white it’s time to take action.

Tooth discolouration and staining can occur for a number of reasons, including frequently drinking coffee, tea or red wine, smoking, the use of some antibiotics, and ageing.

You can reverse this discolouration though with Smile Solutions’ take-home Zoom whitening kit.

The Zoom tooth whitening system uses a mild bleaching gel in a custom-fitted tray that is worn over your teeth. You can whiten your teeth comfortably at home either while you sleep by using our Night White System or for half an hour per day by using our Day White System.

Under our supervision this technique is safe for your teeth and gums, and results are generally achieved within several days.

Zoom is the only whitening treatment to utilise ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), which is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity, protect enamel and improve the lustre and smoothness of your teeth.

Treatment at Smile Solutions ensures optimum safety and comes in different treatment types and strengths to fit your lifestyle and sensitivity.

For a limited time only, Smile Solutions is offering Zoom Whitening for only $375 – the cheapest Zoom Whitening treatment in Melbourne. 

To claim this exclusive one hour Zoom 4 Teeth Whitening offer at our Melbourne CBD practice, all you have to do is LIKE the Smile Solutions Facebook page, SHARE the competition on Facebook, and click on ‘Claim Offer’ to fill in the form. Once you have submitted the form, you will see instructions on how to claim the offer.

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