Why do white fillings need to be replaced so often?


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The problem with some white fillings

Not all white fillings are the same. White fillings made from composite resin often have a short lifespan due to the limitations of this material, especially when used for the back teeth.

Over a period of time, the composite resin material can suffer from discoloration, marginal breakdown, chipping and fractures, due to the high load we place on our back teeth during chewing. Resin by its very nature is also quite porous and so is prone to retaining plaque around the margins. This in turn can often lead to secondary decay at the site, meaning that the filling will need to be replaced with a bigger restoration due to loss of further tooth structure.

Why not use amalgam fillings?

Silver (amalgam) fillings have been proven to last a lot longer than white resin fillings. However, amalgam has other disadvantages that have caused it to be banned from use in a number of countries and it is being gradually phased out in Australia.

What’s the answer?

Today we are able to offer our patients white fillings that not only looks fantastic but also comes with strength and thus longevity. It’s known as a porcelain, or Cerec, filling.

The porcelain material used in Cerec restorations is far superior to white resin, it looks and feels so much more like your own tooth, and both the colour and appearance are retained over time. The most exciting thing about a Cerec restoration is that it will last, on average, 15 to 20 years and is so much better for your tooth and you!

Watch our video for further information on how a Cerec filling is made and how it can work for you:


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