Teeth In 3 Days

Teeth In 3 Days Video Transcription

“It seems that dentistry today is moving at a very fast pace, one process that I am hearing a lot about is All on 4, also called Teeth in 3 Days. With Teeth in 3 Days you can have a set of fixed teeth placed on four to six dental implants. It sounds quite ambition, so I checked in with the experts to get some solid information.

Interviewer: So tell me Rory, what exactly is Teeth in 3 Days?

Dr Rory Nolan: This is a surgical procedure that enables replacement of a full arch of teeth in one go, in either the upper or lower jaws or both jaws.

Unlike standard implants which often need a healing period of 3 to 6 months before the implant crown can function normally. Teeth in 3 Days provides an aesthetic and functional set of teeth in just 3 days.

Interviewer: Tell me a little about the procedure.

Dr Rory Nolan: The surgical operation takes place on day 1, where the implants are placed into the jaws under general anaesthetic. 2 to 3 registered specialists will care for you whilst you are in surgery. The next day the teeth are tried in with wax, and on the third day the completed teeth are inserted and fixed in place.

Interviewer: Is everyone a suitable candidate for this procedure?

Dr Rory Nolan: Everyone except those with serious medical conditions would be considered candidates for this procedure. To determine suitability we first conduct a very thorough medical and dental assessment. At Smile Solutions, we use our own 3D imaging scan to establish the quality and the dimension of the existing bone support. Every patient case is different and we will explore all options, including the number of implants required to give the patient the maximum chance of success. Including the pros and cons for any bone grafting or zygomatic implants as needed.

Interviewer: and who carries out the Teeth in 3 Days procedure?

Dr Rory Nolan: At Smile Solutions we consider Teeth in 3 Days to be highly specialised solution. Although our general dentists are highly experienced, expansive implant surgery cases such as Teeth in 3 Days, are carried out by our in-house team of board registered specialists. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have both a medical and dental degree, and also many years of additional surgical training. Periodontists, like myself, known as gum specialists are also often involved in the implant surgical phase, and our team of specialist prosthodontists, also known as crown and bridge specialists, are the most qualified practitioners to design and insert the fixed teeth for you. “