Invisalign Shop

Invisalign Shop Transcription

“Today, I’m visiting an exciting new shop on Collins Street, Melbourne. And it’s a shop with a difference.

Collins Street has always been associated with glamour, beauty and elegance and its stylish array of shops, fall into line with that tradition. The shop I’m visiting today is no exception but it has one key distinction, it provides a service, not a product.

Welcome to the Invisalign shop on the corner of Collins Street and the Manchester Unity arcade right in the heart of the city. And this is the first time a Melbourne dental practise has had a presence at street level in the heart of Collins Street.

Smile Solutions which occupies levels 1, 11, 12 and the stunning tower of the Manchester Unity building is known for its holistic approach to dentistry. Its 16 specialists, 20 general dentists and 10 dental hygienists, all work seamlessly in one place to respond to your every dental need. Among its fields of specialisation, Smile Solutions offers all orthodontic treatments, including clear and internal braces.

And I’m being joined today in the Invisalign shop by specialist orthodontist David Austin.

Dr David Austin: Hello Christine

Interviewer: Hello David.

Dr David Austin: What do you think of our shop?

Interviewer: Oh, it’s absolutely gorgeous, I love how accessible it is!

Dr David Austin: That’s right, Melbournians can come here on their lunch break, or to and from work. They can arrive by tram, by train, by car, by bike, by skateboard in a wheelchair or on foot. we’re very easy to reach.

Interviewer: That’s great, and I noticed that when they get here the first thing they’ll see is the interactive installation which invites you to smile into the camera and asks: ‘what does your smile say about you?’ So I smiled at the camera and it told me I was charming. So it actually made me curios as to what actually happens in the shop.

Dr David Austin: In this shop we explain to patients the process and benefits of Invisalign the clear alternative to conventional metal braces. Many people want a straighter smile but most people don’t like the idea of what’s often called ‘a mouth full of metal’.

Interviewer: Well, tell me more.

Dr David Austin: Anyone who enters the shop is greeted by a consultant, if they don’t have an appointment, the consultant will give them some pointers about Invisalign and answer any questions they might have about how to achieve their dream smile. They can make an appointment to see a Smile Solutions orthodontists at a later date. If the customer has made an appointment they will see a Smile Solutions orthodontist like myself in the private consulting room in the shop. The orthodontist will ask them about their relevant expectations and needs.

If the person is deemed to be a candidate for Invisalign, which 90% of people are, the orthodontist will inform them of the price range for treatment and the available payment options and will schedule a full consultation. This first consultation is entirely free of charge.

If they are not a candidate for Invisalign treatment, the orthodontist will explain the available options to straighten their teeth or will outline any other dental services that might be relevant. The shop consultant will personally escort the customer to the Smile Solutions reception on level 1.

There one of the friendly receptions will make an appointment for him or her to see either a dentist or hygienist, according to their needs. In some circumstances it may be possible to see an orthodontist on level 12 of this magnificent building.

Interviewer: That’s the advantage of having a full team of clinicians in all dental fields practicing under one roof.

Dr David Austin: Exactly. And again, the initial consultation is free of charge and free of obligation.

Interviewer: So next time you’re around Collins St pop in and say hi and we will be able to tell you how to improve your smile.”