Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry Video Transcription

“Interviewer: We are here today to talk to Dr Yasmin Coulthard about Smile Solutions approach to holistic dentistry. How are you Yasmin?

Dr Yasmin Coulthard: Hi, good thanks.

Interviewer: So tell me what is holistic dentistry?

Dr Yasmin Coulthard: Well holistic dentistry is a way of relating your general health to your dental health. The main emphasis is on the use of non-toxic materials, such as porcelain to restore your teeth. Our Cerec fillings have become a very popular as a way of enabling people to replace their old silver mercury filings with long lasting porcelain restorations.

Interviewer: What are the advantages of Cerec restorations as opposed to conventional fillings?

Dr Yasmin Coulthard: we give patients a superior result in terms of strength, aesthetics, and also conservation of healthy tooth structure, and they can also be done in one visit.

Interviewer: So it sounds like a better alternative to conventional fillings.

Dr Yasmin Coulthard: Yes, in my opinion the Cerec is a substantial step up from the conventional tooth cover fillings.

Interviewer: So tell me about the laser, how does that work?

Dr Yasmin Coulthard: In some cases the laser can be used to reduce pain and trauma to the tooth, and also to conserve the enamel of the tooth. The laser waves are strong enough to remove decay with reduced trauma to the tooth’s enamel. The laser can also be used in gum surgery and aesthetic gum lifts.

Interviewer: How are the x-rays you use here different to conventional x-rays?

Dr Yasmin Coulthard: We use computerised digital x-rays here, these can eliminate radiation worries because it can reduce radiation by up to 90% as compared to conventional film x-rays. They are also clearer and faster to read than older x-rays, they don’t use any harmful chemicals to develop them as they are all produced on the computer. So they are environmentally friendly.

Interviewer: How would you describe the feel of the practice?

Dr Yasmin Coulthard: We are lucky to be located in the beautiful listed Manchester Unity Building, with such lovely surroundings. The area inside is like no other detail practice we have been to. We like to call our rooms, suites rather than clinics so it feels a little bit more than a natural environment. The reception area is large and welcoming, and the receptionists are all very friendly.

Interviewer: And tell me, what age groups of people do you all see here at Smile Solutions?

Dr Yasmin Coulthard: We see people of all ages here, adults and children. So we can take care of all your dental needs under the one roof. Patients leave here having really enjoyed their trip to the dentist because they get the best possible dental care, as well as the overall care from our friendly staff in such a lovely environment as well. “