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AcceleDentHave you ever wished you had a magic wand to speed up your Invisalign treatment?
Well, with the help of Collins Street Orthodontics at Smile Solutions, you do!

Our Invisalign treatment includes the use of AcceleDent – a comfortable electronic device that shortens the length of treatment for a patient being provided with Invisalign, clear or conventional braces.

Traditionally, tooth alignment is achieved by exerting a constant pressure on the teeth and thus stimulating bone remodelling, which is the key to changing the position of the teeth.

With AcceleDent, this remodelling happens at a faster rate, so your teeth also align more quickly. It has also been shown to make the orthodontic experience more comfortable by decreasing tenderness during treatment.

How does AcceleDent work?

The system uses a mouthpiece that is worn for 20 minutes every day during the orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent delivers to the upper and lower jaws a series of evenly distributed, high-frequency micro pulses (similar to the vibrations felt when using an electric toothbrush). By stimulating the soft tissue and bone, these micro pulses increase the blood supply to the site, which in turn speeds up the remodelling of the jawbone.

It has been clinically proven that, when used as recommended, AcceleDent can speed up Invisalign progress by up to 50 per cent.* For example, during a fulInvisalign treatment with AcceleDentl course of Invisalign treatment a patient is normally required to change aligners every two weeks, whereas with the daily use of AcceleDent this can be decreased to a nine-day changeover. Effectively a 12-month treatment plan can be achieved in only eight months with the use of AcceleDent. Also, if a patient with braces is required to see their orthodontist every eight weeks, appointments can be less than six weeks apart with the daily use of AcceleDent.

Speeding up your length of treatment for a special event – whether it be a wedding or an overseas trip, for example – is that very “magic wand” that could add significant value to your orthodontic outcome.

AcceleDent is a safe, TGA-approved hand-held device. Although there is no clinical evidence to suggest that medically compromised patients should refrain from using AcceleDent, we do recommend that pregnant patients and those with a pacemaker do not use this product.

Be sure to ask about AcceleDent when you visit us at Collins Street Orthodontics.

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