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Smile Solutions is a state-of-the-art dental practice offering the entire spectrum of dental services within Melbourne’s iconic Manchester Unity Building.

Manchester Unity Building Melbourne

I have been a dentist at Smile Solutions for 14 years. During that time, I have seen the practice grow from humble beginnings to now being the largest in Australia. Regardless of the grandeur of the practice today, individual care and attention to detail have not been compromised.

Our 22 general dentists continue to provide ongoing management and care with the assistance of 10 dental hygienists. From time to time a referral to one of our 16 Dental Board-registered specialists may also be required. Having a team of caring dentists and specialists all in the one location looking after every possible aspect of patients’ dental requirements assures our clientele not only of convenience but of the highest quality of care. 

Smile Solutions’ philosophy is as relevant today as when the practice first started.

“Our philosophy takes us back to the basics of human relations: striving for excellence in quality of care; overcoming communication barriers; and attempting to view your needs and expectations through your eyes, not our own.”

Manchester Unity Building Smile Solutions


However, now rather than your ongoing management and care being provided by just one dental practitioner; our caring team of 48 clinicians, general dentists, dental hygienists and registered specialists will look after all your dental needs.

I am privileged to be the longest serving practitioner at Smile Solutions. I feel that the staff are more like my family and many of my patients have become more like good friends. Over the years at Smile Solutions, I have seen families grow, have seen individuals succeed and flourish, and most importantly have seen all these people take pride in their smile.

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