Can I replace my amalgam fillings with porcelain fillings?


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amalgam fillings with porcelain fillingsPatient question: I’d like to have my amalgam fillings removed and replaced with a porcelain filling, but some are quite large. Is this possible?

Answer: Most people choose to replace silver or amalgam fillings with white or porcelain fillings, the most common type being composite or plastic resin.

These are put into your teeth soft and hardened with an intense blue light. Porcelain fillings are precast and inserted into the cavity with an adhesive.

They last longer, tend not to crack as easily and mimic the shape and colour of the natural tooth much better.

Porcelain crowns cost approximately $800 to $1,400 per restoration, which is why they’re recommended for larger fillings or for teeth that are close to requiring a crown.

They usually need two visits, but with a system called Cerec you can take an image of the cavity and use computer software to mill the porcelain filling immediately, meaning lower prices and one visit.

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