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Briar O’Connell

Briar O’Connell

Briar O’Connell

Senior Radiographer Qualifications – BSc (Med Imag), (CPIT)

Briar O’Connell graduated from Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Medical Imaging.

After graduating, Briar spent two and half years employed as a radiographer in a large hospital on New Zealand’s South Island. Here she worked in a variety of medical settings – including the emergency department, fluoroscopy suites, operating theatres, and general inpatient and outpatient departments – as well as with paediatric patients.

Briar is passionate about the technical side of radiography, her focus being to provide the best possible imaging with flawless attention to radiation safety. She spent the past two years working closely alongside student radiographers, providing tutorials and training in addition to presenting talks to colleagues on radiation safety and radiographic technique.

Having consolidated her extensive radiography skills, Briar spent three months in 2017 working in a large trauma centre in Melbourne. In mid-2018 she made Australia her home.

Loving Melbourne’s busy lifestyle and all that her adopted city has to offer, Briar entered into a new radiography venture with Smile Solutions, where she takes a patient-focused approach with all those she services. She enjoys working with a wide variety of patients – from children to young people and mature adults – and especially loves to make the X-ray experience fun for children and comfortable for anxious patients.

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Briar O’Connell
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