Why I love managing children and their parents when they visit Smile Solutions


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Paediatric Manager
Paediatric Care

childrens dentistI love that I have the opportunity to help support children, guide parents and create an ongoing rapport with families throughout their child’s dental journey, which is what ultimately gives me day-to-day satisfaction in my role as a Paediatric Manager.

It can be a daunting experience for anyone when visiting the dentist, especially for young children, so it’s important to me to help create an atmosphere that is fun and caring, and thus put patients at ease.

In my job, I get to be that fun familiar face and release my inner child, hear all about the children’s tooth fairy stories and play a small part in each child’s healthy, cheeky smile.

Before we can give a child the best dental care possible, we need to help pave the path for a positive experience. This starts from the very first point of contact with Mum or Dad.

From the moment I answer the phone or meet a parent in person, I am there to help guide them, put their minds at ease, reassure them that their child is in good hands, and help look after both the child and parent from start to finish.

I like to make parents feel that they too are in capable hands, by being available, approachable and to help make going to the dentist a simple task, so that parents can focus on their number one priority – their child.

Working with children is extremely rewarding, I get to meet these little people that are bouncing with energy, full of life and opportunity. I get to watch them grow not only in height but personality as well.

I get to talk to Mum and Dad about upcoming birthdays, outings or holidays and talk with them about their child’s milestones and achievements

Overall, why I love to help look after children and their parents is because I feel I can put myself in their shoes, as I can recall my own dental visits at a young age and also understand the importance when it comes to looking after my own child’s teeth.

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