How much are invisible braces?


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When orthodontics comes to mind most people think of the “train tracks” analogy and immediately picture a mouth filled with metal. However, constant innovations in orthodontic treatment have enabled specialists to move teeth with less visibility and, importantly, more affordably than ever.

At Smile Solutions, specialist orthodontists provide a full range of orthodontic services and can inform patients which of these is best suited to them and their lifestyle. Clear braces or Invisalign (invisible braces) are now the two most popular methods of moving teeth because they are either virtually clear or tooth coloured.

Clear braces are made out of a ceramic material and there are many brands on the market. Together with the use of white wires, clear braces eliminate that feeling of a “metal mouth” and many patients have embraced this treatment, whether for a professional image or for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

invisible braces

Invisalign, on the other hand, is a set of clear removable aligners that is worn approximately 22 hours per day and is changed over every two weeks to a new aligner, moving the teeth gradually into their new positions. There are three tiers of Invisalign treatment: I7 aligners (approximately 3 months of treatment), Invisalign LITE (approximately 7 to 9 months of treatment) and Invisalign Full, which provides unlimited correction and usually 12 to 18 months of treatment. Seeing a specialist orthodontist will help you decide which tier will suit your desired correction.

The cost of moving teeth using invisible braces generally varies according to the individual treatment required. Fees can start at around $6000 to $8200. The specialist orthodontists at Smile Solutions can present all your options to you when you meet them for an initial free consultation. Our specialists are committed to ensuring that our patients are fully informed; they will educate you in the differences between the available products and what they can achieve for you.

The price of treatment with invisible braces should include the entire course of treatment. At Smile Solutions our fees are set and they encompass the entire course of care, with no additional fees. Should you wish to learn more about invisible braces and meet our specialist orthodontists, please go to To make an appointment with one of these specialists for a quote go to

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