What is the difference between All On 4 and Teeth In 3 Days?

Both share the same premise; to provide a fixed prosthetic arch of teeth. There are some differences including Teeth in 3 Days is done over 3 days and importantly does not limit the number of implants to 4. Teeth in 3 Days allows for 6 implants to ensure maximum strength, particularly important if one fails.

Is there a warranty?

Our Teeth in 3 Days team is committed to ensuring long-term success of your prosthesis.

Smile Solutions therefore provides the following warranties for the different implant bridge options:

  • Acrylic with titanium reinforcement: 5 years
  • Acrylic only: 1 year

Should I consider having the procedure overseas?

Unfortunately inferior dental work can be found both in Australia and overseas resulting in early failure and loss of the fixed prosthesis. For information regarding dental tourism and what to consider, further reading can be found here.

Where does the procedure occur?

Your Teeth in 3 Days experience will occur almost exclusively at Smile Solutions. All of our specialists and support team are housed under one roof for the convenience of our patients, ease of cohesive treatment planning and seamless implementation of treatment.

Placement of implants is the only procedure conducted offsite. As the procedure is surgical in nature, implants are placed in a private hospital with optimal medical support. Our oral & maxillofacial surgeons regularly operate at a number of private hospitals in Melbourne.

All appointments following surgery are at our Melbourne CBD practice in the majestic Manchester Unity Building.