Cosmetic Injectables at Smile Solutions

The aesthetic injectable team at Smile Solutions are passionate about enhancing the faces of our patients to match their beautiful smiles.

Our experienced aesthetic injectable clinicians embrace the latest technique and materials to improve dento-facial aesthetics, the capstone of cosmetic dentistry encompassing assessment and improvement of the face.

Patients are becomingly increasingly aware of the aesthetic and clinical treatment possibilities of injectables. Not only can anti-ageing injections rejuvenate the face and enhance the smile, but when used in combination with dermal fillers can also improve facial symmetry. Lines can be smoothed, giving a natural, more youthful appearance. At Smile Solutions we understand that our discerning injectable patients are often seeking more of a facial refreshment, thus we understand that subtlety is key. As the smile is framed by the structures of the face, it can be quickly and seamlessly enhanced in the privacy and comfort of our beautiful clinical space.

Injectables also form part of recognised treatment for temporomandibular disorder, associated with grinding and/or clenching of the teeth. This, in combination with other treatment prescribed by your dentist, can provide significant pain relief and improvement in jaw function for those with the condition.

Cosmetic dentists are highly sought after for dento-facial aesthetic treatment. This is partly because their university education lends dentists gain extensive knowledge about the structures of the face and training to form a keen eye for detail and symmetry. Not only do they understand the complexities of muscle movement and coordination, but also possess the fine motor skills to be able to deliver injectables seamlessly and quickly. All Smile Solutions dentists providing dento-facial aesthetic treatments undergo further education to hone their expertise. With all treatments performed in a beautiful environment maintaining the highest of infection control standards, they are the ideal health professional to provide the treatment.

With predictable results, patients can come in for a quick facial refreshment around their busy schedules. Contact our friendly reception team today on 13 13 96 to arrange a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists.


Meet our team

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