When would my child need to see an orthodontist for orthodontic treatment?


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orthodontic treatmentEarly orthodontic treatment begins between the ages of seven and 11 when your child’s adult teeth begin to come through.

It’s around this age that orthodontists begin to diagnose developmental issues, such as teeth crowding or cross-bites.

When you meet with your child’s paediatric dentist, a treatment plan will be created to prevent more serious problems occurring in the future, or to address any issues that become hard to correct once your child’s face and jaw stop growing.

Early treatment can improve aesthetics, lessen the need for future teeth removal and may make teenage orthodontic treatment easier.

While the Government assisted children’s dental scheme provides financial support to eligible children between two and 17, and can be used for a range of basic dental services (including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fillings and extractions), it’s not available for orthodontic or cosmetic treatment.

It’s advisable to check your level of cover and eligibility with your Smile Solutions dentist and/or specialist orthodontist, as well as your relevant government provider or health insurer before starting orthodontic treatment.

This article first appeared in Melbourne Child magazine.

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