Smile Solutions Ambience

Patient view from our specialist dentistry practice, Level 12.
Patient view from the specialist centre, Level 12.
Patient view from our general dentistry practice, Level 1.
Patient view from our general dentistry practice, Level 1.

In our practice natural light is paramount. Level 1 has full-height glass panels looking across to the historic Melbourne Town Hall and allowing ample natural light to filter into the suites. These rooms were originally designed by the prominent Melbourne architect Marcus Barlow to be mezzanine shops with display windows to Swanston and Collins streets. Our specialist centre suites on Level 12 were previously the penthouse apartment atop the building and has since been converted to beautifully appointed dental suites with 15 foot high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glazing facing east across the Melbourne city skyline.



Other ways in which we offer patients a calm and serene environment include soft music, essential aromatherapy oils to neutralise the typical dental odours, and the soothing powers of flowing water in the way of water features, walls of tumbling water and the most exquisite coral aquarium in our entry foyer. Smile Solutions is a triumph of juxtaposition: old-world-charm architecture sits side by side with the latest technology in dental healthcare.

Digital screens and DVD players in each of our treatment rooms, and a choice of movies or latest music DVDs, allow you to lose all sense of your surroundings if that is your desire. Each treatment suite is individually climate-controlled for your personal comfort. Appropriately administered nitroxide (laughing gas) and liquid diazepam (Valium) are available if you are looking to make your dental appointment a complete exercise in relaxation.

The ambience of Smile Solutions is topped off by the positive attitude of its team. Patients often comment that this energy is palpable the moment you enter the space.