How can I relieve a toothache?

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Jane Gleeson

Oral Hygiene and Dental Therapy
BOH (La Trobe)

What causes a toothache? Toothache is pain associated with the teeth, and it is most commonly caused by decay. Other causes of painful teeth include cracks or fractures of the teeth, infected gums, a habit of clenching or grinding (usually during sleep) and increased dental sensitivity. Toothache is a common reason for emergency dental treatment Read more...

What should I do in a dental emergency?

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Dr Sandie Copland

General Dental Care
BAppSc (Orth) Hons (Usyd), DDS (Melb)

In most instances, it is best to address a dental emergency promptly by seeing your dentist. If after hours, you can call Smile Solutions on 13 13 96 (or to seek advice from one of our practitioners call 0400 369 359), or visit the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital, both of which provide emergency dentistry. In Read more...

Should I wear a mouthguard while playing sports?

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Smile Solutions

Dentist Melbourne
Melbourne's Home of Dentistry

If you (or your child) are taking part in contact sports, it pays to protect your teeth. Sports such as football, boxing, rugby, basketball, hockey, water polo, lacrosse, netball, baseball, softball, squash, soccer, BMX bike riding, horse riding, skateboarding, in-line skating and trampolining all carry the risk of collision. A sports mouthguard will protect your Read more...

Emergency dentistry: How Smile Solutions can help

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Dr Kaoutar Marhfour

General Dental Care
BDSc (Hons) (Melb)

Dr Kat Marhfour explains how Smile Solutions can assist should you have a dental emergency. The tower of the beautiful Manchester Unity Building is often lit up at night – is Smile Solutions a dental practice that never sleeps? It’s true, we are open seven days a week and we also offer after hours assistance. Read more...