Complex Dentistry Demands a Multidisciplinary Approach

A coordinated and well-planned approach is offered by our registered specialists, general dentists and dental hygienists.


Not all of your presenting oral concerns are simple and straightforward. Some dental patients need to consult with, and in turn be treated by, multiple clinicians in various areas of dentistry to achieve a mutually agreed goal or outcome.

Smile Solutions is founded on the clinical philosophy that complex cases in general require the attention of different highly trained and experienced clinicians. Peer review, which is consistent with good medicine, is made ever easier at Smile Solutions with our team of clinicians practising in one central location.

The assimilation of minds, skills and technology in one place enables us to offer our patients treatment options that could otherwise be overlooked or unavailable. Indeed, peer review has been a pillar in our evolution as a benchmark multidisciplinary dental practice in Australia.

The most complex cases may be presented to the whole Smile Solutions team for discussion and analysis, enabling us to explore all your options with the input of multiple practitioners. With the lectures, seminars and clinical workshops held at the Smile Solutions Institute in a variety of dentistry disciplines, you can rest assured that the team of clinicians caring for you is at the forefront of advances in dentistry.


Why Choose a Registered Specialist?

patient view
Patient view in our specialist care practice, Level 12. Click to Zoom

Experience is crucial but education is key. There is a big difference between a registered specialist in any given dental field and a general dentist with a “special interest” in that field.At Smile Solutions you can have all your dental needs taken care of in the one location.

Just as medical specialists such as cardiologists, orthopaedic surgeons and gynaecologists are specialist doctors, so it is that endodontistsoral and maxillofacial surgeonsorthodontists, paedodontistsperiodontists and prosthodontists,are registered dental specialists.




Registered dental specialists have completed additional university training beyond their general bachelor degree in dentistry.

At Melbourne’s Smile Solutions, patients whose dental requirements are complex or who need a multidisciplinary approach can be referred internally to our registered specialists. If you require specialist orthodontic, prosthodontic or endodontic treatment or oral surgery, you can be cared for in the same location because our registered specialists are on hand with your complete set of dental records and X-rays at their fingertips.

Before you undergo any medical or dental procedure you should find out whether your practitioner is suitably qualified and registered to perform the procedure. Also, when comparing the cost of treatment by one of our specialists at Smile Solutions with that of a clinician from another practice, please ensure that you are comparing the quotation of one specialist with another specialist and not that of a general dentist.

The Dental Board of Australia advises patients to check a practitioner’s registration or qualifications by searching the register on the website of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) or by calling 1300 419 495.