I am having sleep dentistry. How should I prepare for the procedure?


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I-am-having-sleep-dentistry.-How-should-I-prepare-for-the-procedure-300x199Sleep dentistry, or more correctly, sedation dentistry, is a way for patients to receive painless, anxiety-free dental treatment under mild sedation.

At Smile Solutions, a light anaesthetic is administrated by a specialist anaesthetist (a medical specialist). The preparation combines sedative and pain-relieving medicines, which together induce a drowsy and dream-like state.

Medicine is given by a small injection in the back of the hand or arm. Unlike after a general anaesthetic, you will not be asleep; rather, you will feel slightly drowsy during treatment and may continue to do so for several hours afterwards. The majority of patients have no (or very little) recollection of the treatment carried out under intravenous conscious sedation.

It is very important that the following guidelines are observed if you are receiving sleep dentistry.

  • Please wear short sleeved, loose fitting and comfortable clothing.
  • You must not sign any legal documents for 24 hours after sedation.
  • You must not drive or operate machinery for 24 hours after sedation.
  • Any illness occurring before the appointment should be reported immediately.
  • You must not drink alcohol the night before, and for 24 hours after, sedation.
  • You must be escorted home after treatment – by either private car or taxi, rather than by public transport.
  • In order to ensure appropriate safe recovery and aftercare, we will always discuss the treatment provided with your escort on the day.
  • You must not be solely responsible for young children for 24 hours after sedation and alternative childcare arrangements must be made.
  • Please remove any nail varnish and items of jewellery (eg. rings and watches) before your visit as these may interfere with monitoring equipment.
  • On the day of your sedation, your escort must not be responsible for any other person except you, including young children and elderly relatives.
  • If you are taking any medicines they should be taken at the usual times and should be brought with you so that the dentist may witness what you have taken.
  • If you know or suspect you are pregnant please notify the practice as soon as possible. Treatment under IV sedation is best avoided during pregnancy.
  • You must not have anything to eat for six hours before your appointment (unless you need a small glass of water to take your regular medication). Water is okay up until two hours prior.
  • You must be accompanied by a responsible adult who must remain on the premises throughout your appointment, escort you home, and arrange for you to be looked after until the following morning.

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