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Internal Lingual Braces


Braces suitable for adults who can’t bear the thought of wearing conventional braces.
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Internal Lingual Braces

Internal lingual braces allow you to have orthodontic treatment without anyone even knowing you are wearing braces. As the name suggests, internal braces are fitted on the back of the tooth surfaces (on the tongue side), making them completely invisible to other people. Many patients find these braces more comfortable as they can’t rub on the inside of your lips as conventional braces do. This treatment is excellent for patients who want undetectable treatment with superior orthodontic results.

All members of our orthodontic team have undergone additional training, and have extensive experience in the field, to equip them to treat patients with internal lingual braces. Not every orthodontist provides this completely invisible option; at Smile Solutions Dr Poon, Dr Austin, Dr Phatouros and Dr Tang all do.

Lingual Braces

Claire is wearing braces: Can you tell?

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