A Practice with a Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Ambience plus superior technology and skills delivering dental care with the whole body in mind.

At Melbourne’s Smile Solutions we take a holistic approach to dentistry – a comprehensive approach to oral care, with preventative measures to ensure optimum oral health and the elimination of environmental toxins from the dental process. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments utilising the latest technology, with an emphasis on providing the most tranquil setting for our patients.

We have put a lot of effort into making our practice a calm and serene space within the iconic Manchester Unity Building. In terms of ambience, we offer ample natural light, beautiful surrounds, soft music, essential aromatherapy oils, and the soothing powers of water in the form of water features.

The ambience of Smile Solutions is topped off by the mood of its team. Patients often comment that this positive energy is palpable the moment you enter the space.


Questions Often Asked about Holistic Dentistry

Technology is very much a part of modern dentistry. What are some of the benefits for Smile Solutions patients?

We utilise technologically superior equipment and systems for our clients’ benefit. One example is our 3D radiographic I-Cat scanner, which offers immediate analysis of the jaws. Until only recently this was impossible. Our digital X-ray systems in each of our 25 operating suites and our digital OPG system are also more patient-friendly, requiring approximately one third of the radiation doses of some conventional X-rays.

For patients who don’t tolerate drills and needles, is laser dentistry the answer?

Yes, laser dentistry is perhaps the most exciting development for phobic patients whose dental needs make them eligible for laser use. In our opinion, lasers are not only more accurate and safer than conventional drills; they are quieter and are less likely to require local anaesthetic for routine treatments. Gum surgery is also virtually pain free with laser treatment, and you are likely to heal a lot faster than after conventional surgery. Diagnostic lasers are also used to aid us in detecting dental decay, reducing the likelihood of incorrect diagnosis.

What does biocompatibility refer to and how does it relate to the materials used?

In dentistry we are often introducing foreign elements – including titanium, ceramics and resins – into the mouth, so we have to be certain about their long-term compatibility with the body. Biocompatible materials are not toxic and do not interfere with normal bodily functions.

How concerned should one be about amalgam (or “silver”) dental fillings?

Amalgam, which was the standard filling material for many years, consists of a mixture of mercury, silver and a number of other metals. A great deal of research indicates that mercury – which is a heavy metal – is toxic to the body and to our environment.

Does Smile Solutions recommend removing amalgam fillings, and what are the alternatives?

Many clients now request removal of their old amalgam fillings on aesthetic and health grounds. The safe, biocompatible alternatives to amalgam fillings include composite resins and ceramic (porcelain) restorations. Porcelain is, in our opinion, certainly superior in terms of aesthetics as the fillings look natural and mimic tooth material beautifully. Ceramic porcelain restorations also have higher strength and longevity than white resin fillings, which are principally plastic.

At Smile Solutions we utilise the CEREC® system, which allows you to have the porcelain fillings milled, inserted and completed in one visit. This is time-efficient and convenient, and it reduces the need for doubling up on local anaesthetic injections.

Does Smile Solutions offer the complementary therapy of ozone, and what is it?

Yes, we often use ozone therapy in conjunction with other treatments because of its bactericidal effect on infections. Ozone therapy can be described as highly concentrated oxygen in the O3 form. It can disrupt infected cells and promote healing.