Teeth In 3 Days™

Teeth in 3 Days utilises the latest technology to give you beautiful, functional and long-lasting teeth at the most established dental practice in Melbourne in just 3 days.

We understand how important a functional mouth is, so if you find chewing food difficult, have ill-fitting dentures, have broken teeth or are anxious about your smile, Teeth in 3 Days can resolve these problems.


The majority of people we see at Smile Solutions are suitable for Teeth in 3 Days. Prior to commencing treatment, you will undergo a full dental and medical assessment by one of our clinicians to evaluate your suitability.

Even if you have previously been deemed unsuitable for dental implants due to insufficient bone, you may now be able to undergo Teeth in 3 Days. Where bone support is inadequate, a range of additional options are now available through bone grafting and zygomatic implants.


The implants themselves are titanium screws placed in to the bone to support the bridge. Their angulation and depth of placement is critical to success, which is why Smile Solutions prides itself on providing a highly specialised team to place them.

Up to six dental implants are placed for a comfortable and stable fit. Many dental clinics offer just four implants but the number we place is based on your individual case and your available bone. We usually aim to place more than four to ensure maximum support and the best chance of long-term success.


Smile Solutions offers a number of materials in the construction of the Teeth in 3 Days prosthesis, which will all be discussed with you in your consultation. The choice is completely yours.

Fixed Prosthetic Bridge

The final prosthesis may be constructed of acrylic alone or acrylic reinforced with titanium.

Acrylic allows for rapid fabrication

Reinforced titanium adds considerable strength and ease of long-term maintenance.

Gold alloy frame work is necessary for patients who select porcelain teeth.

Crowns (Teeth)

You can choose either acrylic or porcelain crowns.

Acrylic teeth are chosen by the majority of our patients.

Porcelain teeth are more natural looking and offer greater longevity.