Each Implant Case Requires Careful Assessment and Planning

Our experienced team of clinicians, including registered specialists, will work closely with you to meet your expectations.

At Smile Solutions in Melbourne, all your dental implant requirements are comprehensively catered for by our specialist oral & maxillofacial surgeons:

along with our specialist periodontists (gum specialists), who have vast experience with immediate implants:

working in conjunction with specialist prosthodontists (specialists in the field of fixed crowns and bridges):


What Does the “Teeth in an Hour/Immediate Teeth” Dental Implant Procedure Entail?

This procedure involves placing the implant and replacement tooth all at the same time, rather than waiting for three to six months between the first and second stages (as for a conventional implant).

Known in dental terminology as “immediate loading”, this instant process means that you can have your new tooth in around an hour.


In general only patients with ample jawbone density and no other predisposing risk factors are candidates for immediate loading.

However, there can be disadvantages with this procedure – the greatest being the higher risk of implant failure where adequate bone integration does not take place. This can happen if the jawbone doesn’t have enough time to fuse properly with the implant.

To avoid any likelihood of implant failure, our team of registered specialists will discuss with you the pros and cons of this procedure in the context of your individual presenting conditions and circumstances.